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However Richard Pike, sales and marketing director of Phoebus Software, said there is no need for panic, at least just yet, as the dip had been widely anticipated.
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If you’re not a knowledgeable accountant, bookkeeping and financial management is likely one of the biggest hassles you encounter on a day-to-day basis.Business owners have more than just the tax man to worry about when it comes to finances. For example, a typical agreement defines who can be a shareholder and how much the shares of the stock are worth. We are constantly adding new documents and features to address user requests and the evolving business landscape. Our Business-in-a-Box software gives you unlimited lifetime access to our entire collection of 1,800 business and legal document templates. White-collar crime is a prevalent problem in society, with cases spanning every sector from not-for-profits to multi-national corporations. Another item that a shareholders agreement addresses is what happens when a shareholder passes away, files bankruptcy, or resigns. Corruption aside, there’s payroll, record-keeping, and ever-changing regulations and laws like the Affordable Care Act muddying the waters. This is why the document should state whether the company would need to buy the shares of the shareholder and the amount that the company will pay for them. This type of legal agreement is meant to supplement the charter documents of a business, since it offers a chance to go in-depth about the shares of the company. Among these 50 impressive small business accounting blogs, you’ll find tips on maintaining your books, saving money and reducing operating costs, budgeting for your business, investing, regulatory changes, scams and fraud – literally running the gamut.Want to add a Top 50 badge to your blog? Additionally, this type of contract is private, unlike the charter documents, which is why many shareholders choose to use it to clarify their conditions regarding shares. The numbers are included merely to provide an easy way for you to tell your friends and colleagues about this great blog you found, but they’re not meant to imply that # 2 is better than # 49, for instance.

We think they’re all pretty great, and we’re sure you’ll find at least a few to add to your list of go-to resources.
Expired tax breaks getting a tiny bit closer to re-enactment What are ordinary and necessary business expenses?  It depends  15.
Read this… Taking advantage of employer tax benefits in your business Seriously, you want to look at taxes for 2014 now! The Minnesota Department of Revenue advises against using Intuit software to file tax returns!
The Big Four Blog focuses on all of the Big Four Firms and the industries in which they operate and serve by providing opinions and insight on recent and key developments, news, regulations, etc. The company’s blog is a valuable resource for other Houston accountants, and it’s also chock-full of tips for business owners in the Houston region and nationwide. A professor at the Villanova University School of Law, Maule offers a sophisticated analysis of tax regulations and changes, coupled with his perspective on the impacts of current tax policy on society. He’s authored numerous books on estate tax and other tax-related topics, including two book series as well as multiple research papers. His perspectives offer an educational slant, with coverage of news impacting the tax world, ongoing, in-depth coverage of the IRS scandal, notices of upcoming conferences and events, and other information of interest to higher education students and instructors.
From news, investment and real estate information to inheritance and retirement-maximizing advice, TaxMama is a wealth of information on accounting-related topics for both businesses and individuals alike. The company’s blog is a wealth of information for the business audience, including for those interested in starting a business or in the early planning stages of starting a business. Coenen, CPA, CFF, is a forensic accountant and fraud examiner specializing in divorce and corporate fraud. Tracy has more than two decades of experience under her belt, providing her with plenty of interesting fodder for The Fraud Files Blog. Joe Mastriano in The Houston Courier “Education is key to keep from being victim to tax fraud” The Rundown: Your 2013 tax bill probably went up.

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