Master the Pink Floyd Money Tab Solo from The Dark Side of the Moon here by taking this great tab lesson. Pink Floyd - Money Lyrics - Lyrics.Time offers The best, Complete Pink Floyd Lyrics Resources and all your Favorite Pink Floyd Songs. While BJ preps the release of his mixtape, The Life of LoveA?a‚¬a„?s Cupid, which is set to drop the first week of September; BJ plans to release a new song each and every week. New music from Cartel Rec0rds new artist Josh Baze.A‚A  This refreshing track just hit iTunes, so download it now. Goon Squad brothers Lansky and Brainz link up for a new joint off the YungnA?a‚¬a„?s new project. Today we’re going to work on our timing and rhythm by trying something that, while easier than it looks, will require your attention.
For the sake of not having to think about too many things at once, I’ll not worry about going over all the details of the theory. When using this extended scale as a warm-up, try to play any notes that occur on the second fret with your index finger and employ your ring finger or pinky for the notes that fall on the fourth fret.
The main riff of Money kicks off with a root to octave to fifth and back to the root bass line before adding in more notes from the B minor pentatonic scale.
Another thing you might do, especially to assist going from the B note at the second fret of the A string to the F# at the second fret of the E, is to roll your fingertip onto the lower string. Money, as noted earlier, starts out with the introduction (repeated playing of the main riff), followed by two verses. Because you’re much further up the neck, you should be able to use the suggested fingering in this example.
This may seem like a piece of cake, but it’s easy to let it take you by surprise Practice this transition slowly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this excursion into bass playing and that this lesson has helped you get a handle on your timing.
In this short excerpt from The Making of the Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd members discuss how the loop for ?Money? was created.
Oh, the bassist can toss off some fancy lines that lead guitarists only dream of, but first and foremost, the bass is half of what’s called the rhythm section.
For now, know that Money is in the key of B minor, which is the relative minor of the key of D major.
It’s upbeat tempo and instrumentation made it a rock radio staple that helped propel Pink Floyd to new heights by winning an army of new fans. This is a handy technique to develop for both bass and guitar playing and takes only a little concentrated effort to get the hang of it. Here the bass line is echoing the rhythm of the sung lyrics and playing staccato helps to punch out the rhythm in a tricky part of the song for the singer.
I am a beginner on bass and imagined that this song was difficult, and now I see that with a little effort I can play most of it. I have a little question : in the guitar solo section, the Em bass line, shouldn’t it be E, D#, D, C (on the 3rd fret of the A string, instead of the 4th) ? Any guitarist who’s truly having trouble getting his or her rhythm in shape will find that concentrating on the bass (or at least the bass lines of a song) will help to improve their timing. In 1981, David Gilmour re-recorded the song for a greatest hits compilation, playing all the instruments himself except the saxophone. Again, try to use your index finger for the notes on the second fret and either your ring finger or pinky for the notes on the fourth fret.
When faced with a tricky bit of rhythm or a timing they’ve not played in a while, most professional musicians (at least the ones I know) will count aloud in order to get it into their heads.

Lift off whatever finger you’re using to play the fourth fret to sound the open A string and then place it back to get the C# and F# (fourth fret of the A and D strings, respectively). It will be much like playing the verses, with the main riff getting the lion’s share of the solo.
You can get a nice effect by hammering on to the first B of the second (and following) measures from the open A string.
And switching from timing to timing, as you have here in Money is good practice whether you’re a beginner or intermediate player. At 1st I thought my bass was out of tune (and it probably is) but then I looked at the score and it says it’s a C, right ? You might find it easier if you slightly flatten the fourth fret finger, just as you might to play a power chord on your guitar.
You’ll find that your middle finger is free to get the F natural on the third fret of the D string, which sets you up to play the E note that starts the second measure with your index finger.
This is, not coincidentally, another one of the little things that a bass guitar can help you with. Note, too, that the fifths (F#) are on the same frets as the roots, but on the strings immediately lower (the D and E strings).
If you’re having trouble fretting power chords on your guitar, try fingering them on the bass for a week or so.

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