Young Money’s Drake has the Internet in chuckles with his exclusive Discover Orange Bowl pass to see NCAA teams Ohio State and Clemson face-off surfacing online. The exclusive pass for Friday’s (January 3) college football game has started making its rounds across the Internet. Johnny Manziel was nothing short of epic in what was probably his final college game, but Drake could only watch his OVO brother from afar because celebrating New Year’s tends to take up your schedule. Drizzy’s close pal and NCAA quarterback star Johnny Manziel won a huge game a few nights ago.
The rapper recently described Johnny as a close friend and good person despite some negative press he had received last year.
50 Cent's Blowing Money Fast, More Kylie Jenner Bikini Pics, Adult Stars Name Their Fave Video Games? Beyonce redeems herself by singing the national anthem live at her pre-Super Bowl news conference.
Beyonce releases a sneak peek video of her performance for her concert the Super Bowl tonight. Dave Duerson, signing autographs in 2005, was a member of the Super Bowl XX champion Chicago Bears.
The past weekend had noisy events that might have drowned out the warning of a Super Bowl champion's life, and death. The NBA threw its All-Star party, which included a dunk over a Kia Optima and a game with 237 field goal attempts. Apparently, he was too depressed at the end to live, but rational enough to aim the gun at his chest, rather than his head.
He died at 50, a four-time Pro Bowler whose end rekindles a question as sobering as it is significant. The ramifications might rattle the foundation of an entire game, down to the earliest stages, when parents must decide if they want to see their children banging heads in helmets. You're in good company if you assume that vitamin C wards off colds and munching on carrots improves vision.
Nobody likes seeing their favorite player go down with a groin injury or a high ankle sprain.
It should go without saying, of course, that this list of the most gruesome sports injuries of all-time features some very graphic videos and images. Playing for England in a 1989 World Cup qualifier, Terry Butcher received a nasty gash on the head that required stitches. With that definition, this ridiculous incident from 2009 involving Panthers goalie Tomas Vokous and his own teammate, Keith Ballard, definitely qualifies as gruesome. Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai grossed out the world when he popped his elbow out at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
Rene Bourque suffered this scary slash during a November 2006 game against the Blue Jackets.
Before being signed by the Patriots to be Wes Welker’s replacement in New England, Danny Amendola was a standout receiver for the St. Jessica Dube had her face slashed by the skate of her partner, Bryce Davison, during a pairs competition in Colorado Springs back in 2007. On this single play from a 2007 NBA game, Shaun Livington tore both his ACL and MCL, dislocated his patella and his tiba-femoral joint, and damaged his lateral meniscus.
Pro volleyball player Morgan Miller didn’t sustain this nasty injury playing volleyball. While playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2011, Darryl Boyce got checked face-first into one of those camera cut-outs in the glass. British hockey player Craig Peacock got this disgusting gash from a skate blade while playing for the Belfast Giants in December 2012. South Carolina junior running back Marcus Lattimore suffered this nasty knee dislocation back on October 27, 2012, after a hit from Tennessee’s Eric Gordon. French long jumper Salim Sdiri learned an important lesson in the very hardest way possible back in 2007: never turn your back on a javelin thrower. Broncos receiver Ed McCaffrey suffered this nasty leg break on Monday Night Football on September 10, 2001. In 2003, the Miami Hurricanes’ Willis McGahee tore both his ACL and MCL on this tackle against Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Renzo Gracie suffered this nasty injury at the hands of Japan’s Kazushi Sakuraba at a Pride Fighting Championships event on August 27, 2000.

Catchers are not very good runners, usually, on account of all the squatting they have to do. Ryan Powdrell, a former linebacker, tranferred to USC in 2006 and started playing fullback. This injury to French soccer player Djibril Cisse occured during a match between Liverpool and Blackburn back in 2004. The shot Brandon McCarthy took off his noggin in 2012 was probably more life-threatening, but it definitely was not as horrifying to look at as the liner Red Sox pitcher Bryce Florie took on September 8, 2000. In the third-most famous skate slashing incident in NHL history—stay tuned for numbers one and two—Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik nicked an artery during a game against the Sabres in 2008. Raiders running back Napolean McCallum suffered this career-ending knee dislocation on Monday Night Football on September 5, 1994.
Portugese beach soccer player Bruno Torres suffered this horrific knee injury during a 2012 Euro Beach Soccer League game against Spain. Hey, remember when Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear back in 1997?
In 1994, during a WCW match against Vader, legendary pro wrestler Mick Foley tore two-thirds of his right ear off while performing a stunt between the top two ropes. What would a list of gruesome sports injuries be without an entry from Australian Football? Seattle Sounders forward Steve Zakuani suffered this insanely gruesome leg break as the result of a hard tackle by Colorado’s Brian Mullan.
Now, I always thought that pink custard was simply yellow custard with some food colouring in. A recent tip-off has alerted me that it is actually a  little more devious… I tried it. Simmer for about a minute (if the custard is very thick add a little more milk to thin it down – remember you are supposed to be pouring it smoothly, not ladling it out in gloops!). A 70's child, I’ve been married for a Very Long Time, and appear to have made four children, and collected one large and useless dog along the way. The pink sauce was made with fresh milk and blancmange but then had dried milk powder added to make it creamy . 2.In a small bowl mix together the sugar and corn flour in a small bowl and add several tablespoons of the milk to make a smooth paste. Anyone know what that cake is called which has the pink custard on it in the picture shown? We had (very rarely) a layer of pastry with an orange layer on top (not marmalade or jelly more like a clearer stiff jam like consistency it may have condensed set orange juice) not much help am I? We used to get chicken soup and hot dogs for dinner, I can’t find a recipe for the soup anywhere…any ideas? Though it was the Aggies’ defense that scored the go-ahead touchdown and then clinched the game in the fourth quarter, Manziel had a never-say-down score that proved to be the catalyst for a second-half comeback and unreal 52-48 win.
A broken man has the clarity to understand a possible reason behind the darkness closing in, but not the ability to stop it? Changes include a brief review of the moderation process and an explanation on how to use the "Report Abuse" button. However, while those kinds of injuries can keep players on the disabled list for a long time, at least they usually don’t endanger their careers. Apparently he almost choked on his tongue and died while lying unconscious on the pitch; however, he was released from the hospital that same night and is still playing today.
Despite how it looks, and despite the fact that this was his first season back from another knee ligament surgery, doctors said that they did not think the injury would end Lattimore’s career.
In this case, the spear thrown by Finland’s Tero Pitkamaeki stabbed Sdiri in the back. However, they’re usually not as bad as Jason Kendall, who broke his right ankle while trying to beat out a bunt against the Brewers in 1999. Then he had a great first game, rushing for nine years, catching four passes for 72 yards, and scoring a touchdown.
But here is the really, absolutely astounding part: he suffered pretty much the same injury just two years later while playing in a World Cup warm-up for France against China. He ruptured an artery, tore three ligaments, tore his calf and hamstring from the bone, and suffered nerve damage. This one comes from a 2011 Western Australian Football League game between South Fremantle and Subiaco.

Then, incredibly, Zakuani made his triumphant return to soccer 14 months later…against Colorado and Brian Mullan. Lusciously gorgeous in colour and texture and comfort factor – and universally adored. My memory of it was sift sticky cornflakes with a light mallow type layer then a fruit layer – I recall it being like apple sauce.
Even asked a certain famous female home cook agent if she would know & was told No I do not think she would know that recipe.
I’ve never seen the recipe anywhere and I have wanted to try it again since the 70s as used to be my favourite. Drake loves his college football, however, so he owed it to himself to make it to the thus far less exciting Orange Bowl (Ohio State vs. His final texts to family supposedly requested that researchers be given a chance to find out what happened to his tortured mind. There seems no unanimous medical verdict on the details, but suspected victims are piling up. So if you’re particularly squeamish, you might want to click through the slides quickly while squinting your eyes. However, repeated headers opened the gash up again, and the bandage wasn’t nearly enough to contain the blood.
That’s what happened to Villanova guard Allan Ray against Pittsburgh in the semifinals of the 2006 Big East Tournament. However, he missed a lot of games thanks to this nasty elbow injury at the start of the 2011 NFL season.
Then he signed on to play with the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League…and got dropped by them, too. In any case, Eduardo da Silva suffered this nasty injury—a broken fibula combined with a dislocated ankle—back in 2008. Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Matt Nichols got sacked and wound up with his foot pointing in the wrong direction. It resulted in a rather amazing display of sportsmanship between the two players after the game. Recently I have discovered why whenever I make some, it simply never looks or tastes the same as memory tells me it did in the 70’s. Lots of sponge and custard usually and chocolate and plain concrete pudding (that used to fly across the table when you put a spoon to it :-D) but this orange pudding was a treat to me. So was Chris Henry, the Cincinnati Bengal who died falling off the back of a truck during a domestic argument. Are there any school dinner ladies out there that remember these glorious meals and how to make them taste so good?
Same for University of Pennsylvania defensive end Owen Thomas, who hung himself last spring.
This was just a severe ankle dislocation, so hopefully this guy’s career will resume this summer. Later that year, Foley was scheduled to have his ear surgically reattached, but he postponed the surgery so he could take part in the WCW’s Slamboree, where he was scheduled to win the tag-team title.
Used to love the pastry on the meat pie or chicken pie that used to be cooked in a big silver oven tin and had scored square marks in the pastry for portion control. But in Texas, there's a HUUGE loophole to the drinking law -- it's OK for someone under 21 to booze in a bar as long as that person is with a parent who consents. With today’s climate and families struggling I really think they should dust off the recipe books and bring back proper school dinners to feed children to ensure they get a balanced hot meal each day. The evolution from the sad boy Drake on the Take Care cover to the very happy fan above is sort of inspiring, no? Still, the owner says nobody working in the lounge that night ever saw Johnny consume alcohol either night.

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