Donald Trump has gone too far with his attacks on Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son Army Capt. A Donald Trump White House would be a disaster, and this goes way beyond any ideological difference. But when the court ruled that money equals speech, it didn’t mean, literally, that money is speech.
That changed in 2008 when the conservative majority struck down a federal rule that had tripled the limit on campaign contributions for a candidate outspent by a rich, self-financed opponent.
And afterall, as Justice Alito knows, it is the effectiveness of the rich speaking, that must be protected -- above all else. Parting thought:   IF Free Speech is so paramount, why does it COST so much to be able to make "effective" use of it?
The Center for Media and Democracy has joined a diverse coalition of groups in an online protest of the made-up notion that "money is speech" and that corporations have a "free speech right" to distort democracy with unlimited spending. Many of the legislators pushing these policies were elected in 2010 as a result of unlimited corporate election spending unleashed by the U.S. In addition to the Center for Media and Democracy, groups participating in the day of action on Thursday, August 11 include the Center for Biological Diversity, Coffee Party USA, Common Cause, Demos, Greenpeace, Hip Hop Caucus, Move to Amend, North Carolina Center for Voter Education, People for the American Way, Public Campaign, The Story of Stuff Project, USAction and The Young Turks. 1)      The gerrymandering of districts to weaken the voting power of those who traditionally do not vote Republican (poor and working class, people of color, and traditionally Democratic districts).
3)      Promulgating the idea that voting is meaningless and big government overrides the people’s needs. There have been three primary “forces” in this transformed voting and government: Ronald Reagan, Paul Weyrich (1942-2008) and Grover Norquist. The “Reagan revolution” continues to unfold; from the pro-corporate focus, to the undermining of government. And who is the perpetual player in this theft of democracy; this construction of corpocracy; this rise of the plutocrats? The Chamber of Commerce has been behind many of the cases before the Supreme Court expanding corporate rights and protections.
Adam Chandler  also did a study of the court, and he found that pro-business and anti-regulatory groups submitted more than 75% of the amicus briefs for the Court. There is a frightening reality behind the push for “corporate personhood,” and the efforts to block efforts to make corporations accountable.
People in the United States have drummed into them “What’s good for business is good for us.” Frankly, that is a huge lie. When the legislatures and Supreme Court rule in favor of corporations and deregulation; when they decide to protect corporations from citizens, workers, and consumers, once again it is the owners of the corporations who benefit and the rest of us who pay the costs. When (republican and libertarian) legislators argue against the minimum wage and the “living wage,” they are protecting the interests of “business” and not workers and communities. What we see happening is certainly the construction of a plutocracy to replace what we thought was a democracy.

What we see is not just a “business friendly” environment, that will somehow benefit us, for it will not. Posted in AMERICAN BRAINWASH, CAPITALISM & SOCIALISM, CIA + GOVT CRIMES, CORPORADOES, IDEOLOGICAL COMBAT, INEQUALITY, PLUTOCRATIC POWER, Rowan Wolf - Cyrano's Editor in Chief, Director Russian Desk. Valeo, the court said that “virtually every means of communicating ideas in today’s mass society requires the expenditure of money,” so restricting campaign spending meant restricting political speech.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Supreme Court declared that corporations have the “right” to spend unlimited dollars corrupting our democracy, working Americans have rapidly been losing their rights to vote, to organize collectively, to breath clean air and drink clean water, and to access affordable health care.
The ruling by the Supreme Court on April 2, 2014 (McCutcheon v FEC) was one of the most egregious blows to democracy that our country has ever seen. The Supreme Court ruled in McCutcheon vs FEC that there could be no overall contribution limits that an individual could donate to campaigns.
This strategy has been used to shrink the voting population, and the smaller the population the smaller a voting block one needs to push forward your own agenda. He also wrote the book “The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement” that some consider the training manual for the activist religious Right. Various protections are being offered to corporations but essentially isolate and protect them from virtually any claim or harm.
Why none other than the hiding in plain sight, ubiquitous in virtually every town and city in the United States; The Chamber of Commerce. They are also the cornerstone of the ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) that is pushing conservative and pro-corporate legislation in every state in the Union (see ALEC Exposed).
They found that the leading “petition-pusher” was the Chamber with 54, over the three years studied. That reality is that while “corporations” on paper and in operation are not people, the benefits that accrue to corporations do accrue to people. When corporations hide defects that end up maiming and killing people, or pollute the environment and cause cancers and birth defects, or exploit their workers, or make platinum deals of no taxes, and development with cities and states, the costs go to the community, the workers, and the nation.
Because the minimum wage has not kept up with the cost of living, and wages across the board have largely been stagnant, more and more workers qualify for Medicaid while the employers have cut health insurance.
The super rich are not just people with wealth who can influence politics, shape opinion, and control virtually every aspect of our lives. For every right and protection granted the corporation and those with extreme wealth, much is taken from the rest of us. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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The First Amendment required that political speech be unfettered, so the same was required for political spending.

A political contribution enabled the symbolic, or indirect, speech of the donor and the actual speech of the candidate -- and may the best speech win. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Much of that spending was secretly filtered through misleadingly-named “non-profit” groups that did not disclose their donors. Whereas in Citizens United vs FEC, the court ruled that there could be no limits on how much an entity could give to any campaign. Effectively what has been crafted is a complete handover of our political structure to those who have the most money to buy it. So not only are corporations being argued to be corporate persons within the constitutional sense of the law, but they are increasingly becoming inviolate in that personhood.
Workers qualify for food stamps and even welfare, while their pay, hours, and benefits have been eroded.
Days in Court, and Trials on the Merits: Reflections on the deformation of federal procedure. In other words, the United States has moved from a society which was a putative representative democracy (eligible citizens selecting representatives to be decision makers) to a plutocracy (rule by the rich).
In other words, corporations have shifted part of the cost of labor to the “government” (read the non-owners).
Otherwise, the general apathy of the citizenry will eventually lead to at best indentured servitude. Both of the Supreme Court decisions link back to a 1976 Supreme Court decision of Buckley v  Valeo in which the court effectively ruled that money equals free-speech.
One might ask, if the bottom of the wages are removed entirely (as republicans and libertarians desire) who gains?
This was a challenge to an amendment to the 1971 law that created the Federal Election Commission –The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), which was aimed at controlling campaign funding.
Just as the benefits and protections (few though they may be) of small businesses accrue to the owner(s), so too the corporation. It certainly is not “us” or the “consumer,” for it is our wages and our benefits on the line and it is us paying through our taxes, to keep workers afloat while corporations bring in higher (protected) profits for the owners.
Certainly a significant part of the overall strategy of moving the United States away from a representative democracy with the broad citizen public as the voters, and into a different form of republic where the rich and corporations are the voting “public,” is to redefine who gets to vote. When that is also backed by tax cuts and loop holes for wealthy individuals, then the super rich get a doubled benefit.

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