There are many ways to raise money, but the key is to utilize proven fundraising principles that minimizes your risk of losing money, engages your donor base, and converts them into “raving fans and supporters” for what your organization is doing. A few years ago, there was a romantic comedy movie called Hitch starring Will Smith and Kevin James.
Often fundraising campaigns fail to engage people and “woo” them to not only become a first-time donor, but a faithful donor.
If you want to ask someone on a date, you will comb your hair, brush your teeth, and iron your clothes. Even though I wanted to ask my wife to marry me on our first date, I waited because I didn’t want to scare her off.
If you avoid making these simple, yet crippling mistakes, then you will “be on” the road to seeing success in your fundraising efforts and experiencing a long-term relationship with your donor base!
There has long been a belief that public relations is “free” publicity for an organization. A few months ago, I started an experiment.  It all started one day when I was getting my son a drink.
When most people think of lead nurturing they think of an automated email series sent to every new email address.
He developed his business observing the dynamical rhythm of the city life and thinking that Berliners might deserve a quick take-away meal.
The mix of juicy meat, cut off a rotating base, with all kinds of trimmings and optional hot pepper sauce, made this particular fast food become a favorite in Germany and elsewhere.
According to the European Association of Turkish Doner Producers which has its headquarters in Berlin, there are currently about 16,000 doner outlets in Germany alone.

Only in the capital, there are over 1,000 sale points that lure the late night party-goers.
German firms producing meat for grilling equipment supplies 80% of the European Union market, according to the BBC.
Nurman Kadir, who emigrated to Germany in 1960, has not patented his invention and therefore failed to substantially benefit from further demonstrated success or kebabs.
During an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau in 2011, he did not look too affected by this, but said he was happy to see that plenty of Turks managed to improve their business life making kebabs, and that millions of people ate his inventive product.
Phoenix mother Shanesha Taylor was arrested for allegedly leaving her kids in a car during a job interview. Financial support is building this morning for an Arizona woman charged with leaving her kids in a hot car during a job interview -- should Taylor pleaded not guilty to two counts of felony child abuse yesterday in Phoenix.
Addy is a 16 year old Junior at Frisco High School where she is an honor student, Lieutenant Captain of the Frisco Stars Drill Team, and is also a member of National Charity League formerly serving as Class President.
Addy was honored to place as 1st Runner Up in the 10th anniversary Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant this past August in Orlando Fl. The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen state and local titleholders volunteer thousands of hours with local, state, and national organizations such as Special Olympics and Superfeast of Houston.
Successful fundraising is not about just getting that one gift from a donor, but converting the donor into an ongoing relationship with the organization.
Will Smith (Hitch) was a professional “date doctor” who coached men in the art of dating women, with a focus on long-term relationships.
Your communication should be about what the donor is helping to accomplish, not about what the organization is doing.

In fundraising, be sure to project a good image to donors — have someone proofread your letter, design a nice letter that projects a current look (no clip art!), use quality paper stock and a good printing vendor. Meantime a New Jersey woman has set up a fund raising site to help Taylor who was homeless as of this hour -- has -- 95000. Addy’s plan post high school is to obtain a degree in psychology primarily focused on a career as a child life specialist. Through her platform, Addy has served more than 25 charities, through fundraising, drives, appearances, and other volunteer efforts. With no real surprise, the main problem was men didn’t know how to effectively communicate with women, therefore, failing to get a first date. People love to hear how they are making a difference, so talk about the donor and repeatedly affirm their value and importance. The scholarship money she has earned from the Miss Texas’ organization will help to further her education. Nurture the relationship with your donor with a welcome letter series that shares your organization’s story, vision, and mission. She encourages students to begin a ripple effect of kindness and share their time and talents with their community.

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