A giant underwater base, contains living quarters, farms, mess hall, communications room, armory, and a library, all underwater.
If you’re itching to check out the new underwater temples in the upcoming update, here’s an opportunity for you! This seed requires Minecraft 1.8 to get the correct one, so you will need to open Minecraft in the latest Snapshot version. Launch the game (after installing this map), and you should be able to play it without any issues. The temple itself contains plenty of Guardians, the new mob included in the update, as well as wet sponges (you can use a furnace to dry these, allowing you to reuse them to scoop up water).

It is a deadly area, with many Guardians, mostly the smaller variant, but also some of the larger, deadlier guardians who can take almost half of your health in one hit if you are unarmored. It is pretty interesting to see the new mobs in action, they are very hostile towards anything, even harmless defenseless squid. The seed also gives you a great opportunity to try out the new sponge mechanics, as they are very useful in helping making the temple more accessible.
Fist Highlight the whole schematic in Mc edit then say copy it should appear in the top right corner.
My first thought was that it looked a little like rapture for any whose seen it (massive underwater city).

Above the surface is a boat launch and a walkway that will take you to and from the entrance. The temple itself is fun to explore and it is easy to get lost in it, which usually leads to drowning.
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