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Gabby Douglas overcame several challenges to win two Olympic gold medals a€” none more daunting than cold shoulders and slurs from some racist fellow gymnasts.
On her way to London and triumph as the first African-American gymnast to win individual all-around Olympic gold, Gabby, 16, nearly gave up her dream because she was tormented at a gym where she trained in Virginia Beach, Va. Gabby appeared on Opraha€™s show Sunday with her mother, Natalie Hawkins, who recalled how her daughter told her about the cruel treatment on several occasions.

Gabbya€™s mother took that to heart and allowed her to move to Iowa to train with a new coach.
But even as Gabby also took home Olympic team gold as part of the USAa€™s a€?Fierce Five,a€? she was still made to feel different by Twitter chatter about her hair style a€” Internet talk begun by African-Americans. Other than aesthetic benefits there are also enormous physical benefits of lifting heavy weights over time, like to maintain bone mass and even build new bone, and that goes especially for the females in the high risk group of post-menopausal and YOU’LL FEEL EMPOWERED.
Talk to any exercise physiologist and they’ll tell you that women should lift heavier if they want to look more defined and lose body fat even faster, they do not need to worry about getting huge muscles like males do as they have low testosterone levels.
Here is the extreme result of a female lifting heavy, Annie Thorisdottir is the CrossFit Games Champion.

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