A simple exercise for relaxation and calm is to gently and slowly repeat a single word as a meditation.
This meditation works well because it helps you reduce your thoughts down to a single word.
The beauty of this technique is that you can feel calm and relaxed anywhere by taking a few moments out to compose yourself. I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips.
Also available: E-Books designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own. If you know someone who would enjoy this post and others here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog please share with them. The combination of patterns and colors trick your brain into thinking this still psychedelic swirl is actually moving. Your eyes are constantly scanning an image, "like a twitchy digital camera continually autofocusing and adjusting the eye’s lens," Gifford writes in the Guardian. Images like this elephant, cheekily titled "L'egs-istential Quandary," mess with the brain's skill at detecting patterns and filling visual gaps.

Each orange circle is the same size, but the blue circles trick the part of your brain that measures perspective and scale.
Our approach is based on the belief that any organisation can better utilise its existing resources by improving the way it operates. A carefully orchestrated plan of personal interviews, operational studies, meeting studies, process mapping, financial reporting analysis and observational studies are carried out across the agreed areas of the business. An implementation road map is established to identify those changes you can (and should) make independently, together with a proposal for those changes that can most reasonably be delivered by All4Change.
Part of the All4Change approach in relation to sustainability is that we will come back 16-26 weeks after the project has been completed for a free sustainability review. The management operating system and processes that All4Change leave embedded in your business are robust and will continue to function and facilitate growth.
As you repeat to yourself your chosen word, pay attention to the gaps between saying the word and perhaps widen the gaps progressively.
Short positive words, especially those with one syllable, work nicely, although you could also use short phrases.
With practice the gaps between saying your chosen word can grow and therefore help you quieten your incessant thinking.

In theory, it works because it tricks the neural process that helps us tell different colors apart. Working with our clients All4Change implement the operational, structural and behavioural changes necessary to achieve a higher and sustainable performance throughout the company without the need for capital investment. The proposal will quantify the benefits of the programme to be delivered by All4Change (expressed in financial terms) and the costs associated with realising those benefits. By starting with the end goals in mind, structures for success are built in to the programme. Waiting in queues, prior to appointments, on the telephone, during a journey – infinite occasions when you look closer. Our goal is leave behind a better, stronger more scalable organisation, with the tools and skill sets to further continue the work once we have left. The central orange square on the front, and the central brown square on the top are actually the same color.

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