This is the common place where everyone get confused of which stream to choose in higher secondary (11th & 12th ). It will be useless if you choose science stream but you don't have any interest in learning physics and chemistry. So as per my suggestion choose that particular stream only in which you are more interested. After passing your 10th,you will have to select a certain stream in 11th with which you want to continue your future studies. This stream has many scopes in future and the motive of any student for joining this stream is to go for Engineering course after completion of 12th.

So,if you think that you find the PCM subjects interesting,then you can go for this stream. This stream is mainly focussed on Medical Courses and if you want to go in Medical field,you can go to it by opting this stream. The subjects are same as that of Science with Maths.The only change is that Maths is replaced by Biology. This stream is mostly concerned with theoretical subjects like Social Science,Political Science. I have passed 10th standard with 85.27 % marksShould I choose commerce or science stream?Which stream to choose in 11th?

Details about the information of ISRO test?Which stream should I choose if I hate Chemistry and have interest in Maths stream?

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