MARKETING - Et si le celebre "Mind the gap" du metro londonien cedait aux sirenes de la publicite? I first had the idea to write a book after participating at a workshop with Stephen Gilligan. What seemed to be missing was an approach that would bridge the existing, evolving scientific insights into our perception of the world with the methods to deepen our experience and become more present to each moment. I was aware from the start that writing such a book would be a huge undertaking, but I was unaware how much my lack of structure would hinder me in this project. Therefore I have decided to write parts of my book as blog posts, in order to have smaller chunks to work on, to hopefully receive some feedback and to write about something that I am very enthusiastic about. I am looking forward to many interesting posts and hopefully at the end a collection of chapters and sections that might one day become a book. As marketers, we want to know why they will buy, what will make them pull the tgrgier, how to get them to buy us over them .
Representative Todd Akin recently revealed his exciting discovery about women’s reproduction.
Pulitzer Prize-winning Mark Fiore has been Called “the undisputed guru of the form,” by the Wall Street Journal and his work has appeared everywhere from CNN to Al Jazeera to the San Francisco Chronicle. C'est une eventualite tres serieuse que l'on prete a la RATP locale, a la recherche de nouvelles recettes. I was quite sure that this approach could only lead so far, but that it might garner interest from a wide audience to proceed on this path and instill a curiosity to venture farther, supported by the brilliant literature that exists for the already interested.
I brainstormed for weeks and months, I started collecting material, got stuck with minute details and now, 14 months after starting, I am little farther along than when I started.
Steve Factor, a€?The Pure Energy Chef,a€? has also experienced changes in eye color, according to a blog called Conscious Nourishment. On the other hand books that teach us how to become more aware of our body, less judgmental, less reactive, more present, but they address those already on a path, searching for something. Eating a low-fat raw, vegan diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables with few nuts and seeds, she rid herself of her hyperglycemia by the age of 18. She hopes to make the world a better place, have more fun, re-develop her math skills and overcome her fear of public speaking. After consulting an iridologist, she says she learned that when a€?we have toxicity in our bodies, when wea€™re constipated and things are not moving through our systems, we become a€?stuffed upa€™a€? and we can see that toxicity in our eyes.

The color, clearness and clarity of our eyes is a direct reflection of how clear (and clean) our body is on the inside.Dr. Like markings on a map, the iris reveals physiological conditions, health risks, challenges and strengths of various organs. When I was younger and into my teen years I ate a lot of chips, candy, sweets, pizza, and a hoard of other junk food. My mom always made home-cooked meals, but they were high in fat and didna€™t contain the level of health my body required. I had major digestive issues, and became over weight at the age of 8 and well into the age of 15.Our health begins in the colon, and when you are consuming foods that increase the toxic load in the body, you get a€?bunged upa€? to put it bluntly.
When things are not moving efficiently and we become constipated, toxins build up in the colon due to improper elimination, and our eyes directly reflect this effect.When I switched to a raw, plant-based diet, my digestion improved and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms went away completely. Adding in more fiber to flush out excess toxic waste, and learning to properly combine foods greatly helped improve the function of my GI tract. As I healed my body with raw foods, my eyes went from a murky greenish brown color to a much brighter blue-green hue. The whites of my eyes also significantly cleared up, which is another major tell-tale sign of health.Not only the color changed, but different fibers of my iris have changed, and the freckle in my eye has completely disappeared. So Ia€™d also like to make note that someone who is severely overweight (or underweight) and has blue eyes doesna€™t mean that they are necessarily healthy. Some areas of an eye may contain a yellowish coating which can indicate sulfuric acid levels in the body and the level of acidity in the organs and glands.
For some people, this yellow color can cover the entire iris, which will make an eye appear brown or hazel, when the true color underneath is green or blue.The take home story of this article is that the cleaner you become, the clearer your eyes become, and the better you will feel.
I still find it incredible that my eyes have actually changed color, but really, it should come to no surprise.
Your eyes are a direct reflection of your health, and after 6 years of being raw I can say that I have reached a level I never thought possible.Not only are my eyes happier, but I am happier too!
My eyes will probably continue on changing (as they continually get more blue), but until then, I will just trust in the process and allow my body to continue detoxing out the old and blessing me with the new.Foods that change eye color in 60 daysUva ursi teaThis soothing tea relaxes your eyes instantly, giving them a brighter appearance.
New research suggests its immense significance in the treatment of arthritis.How eyes change color?The iris is a form of musculature that controls the pupil size according to the light intensity in a given environment. When the pupillary size changes; the pigments of the iris are forced to readjust to the new space.

If you want to change your eye color exceptionally and in a small amount of time, all you need to do is introduce a few changes to your diet.A HoneyAn extra amount of honey in your diet can greatly enhance the color of your eyes.
Persistent usage of this magical concoction will yield you a lighter shade of your natural color. It is known to be enriched with alpha-lipoic acid which prevents stress induced changes to the body. A diet full of spinach helps in preventing cancer, asthma, lowers high blood pressure and amplifies bone strength.
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorous are the prime minerals present in fish meat that yield color changes in the eye. It is used to heal mucous membrane inflammations and is used to relieve various gastrointestinal discomforts. Ita€™s fascinating components such as the linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid render a beautiful, soft hue to the color of your iris. This oil is also said to work wonders for joint pain and is termed as the best organic moisturizer. These sulphur rich compounds are also infused with vitamin C and works wonders for your skin and hair. A major constituent of onions, folate, is known to alleviate depression and helps cure insomnia.
This also keeps the appetite in check.NutsNuts a€“ Adam WylesIf you are keen on changing your eye color, nuts are the primary source of nutrition you should incorporate in your diet. Almonds are the lowest calorie nuts yielding six grams of protein and fourteen grams of fat per twenty-three nuts.
Avoid using roasted nuts as their nutrients have already been destroyed by exposing them to high temperatures.GingerGinger a€“ Delphine MenardThis rhizome is known for its magical powers at reducing the inflammation of the colon thereby preventing colon cancer. Research has proved that ginger reduces the symptoms of asthma and heals liver damage caused by over medication.

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