Mind maps don’t provide step by step walkthrough as other forms of documentation and presentation. Mind maps require skills and judgment to be put in use – they cannot be followed in scripted fashion as templates. To conclude, mind maps become really valuable for their authors and those who took time to follow the author’s thought, and built a connection to the mind map in their own mind. One particular challenge with complex skills is training and development: simpler aspects are easy to mimic, but it takes a lot of practice to put them all together.
Considering short timeframes of Weekend Testing, I take an asymmetric approach: instead of simplifying the skill, I simplify the context.
Come join Weekend Testing Toronto session this Saturday, February 21st, for practical mind mapping and discussion!
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Forbes , Forbes welcome page -- forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.. Some best performances which I saw today were Pung Dhol Cholam, Bihu, Bhangra and Oilattam Dances. It’s a traditional folk dance of Assam, which is also considered as the most colorful folk dance of India. Oilattam of Tamil Nadu is a 5000 year old dance, believe it or not but this was an outstanding performance by female dancers who balanced a pot while showing some finger biting moves with different balancing techniques.
And the skill of mind mapping is something more substantial than an ability to operate some mind mapping tool. The goal will be to provide initial exercise during the session that can be taken further through individual practice.
Dancers performed their choreography while playing the musical instruments like Dholak and Dhol.

But life continues and so did Shilpgram, and tomorrow we hope to see another great day here.
Intention documents (especially test plans) are given much more attention than the actual preparation and execution. Their gleaming faces assorted well with beautiful music and colorful dressings which made a festive environment. The dance beat of drum and the masculine Punjabi dancers forced audiences to get up from their seat and hop with them.

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