Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEARN THESE STRATEGIES , TOOLS, TACTICS, LATEST SELF DEVELOPMENT DISCOVERIES AND DEVELOP YOUR PERSONALITY TO A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL? In the 1970s, American researcher Michael Kaplan was conducting experiments on mice, in which some had stimulating toys and exercises in their cages, and others did not. Moreover, Kaplan concluded that the mechanism of neurogenesis, or the formation of new brain cells, was based on stem cells turning into brain cells, not the mature neurons replicating.
A study conducted in 2010 in Harvard Medical School showed that mindfulness meditation rebuilds the brain, increasing gray matter in hippocampus, a brain region which plays an important role in learning and memory processing, and other brain areas involved in self-awareness and introspection. Another study at the University of Zurich in Switzerland confirmed that performing altruistic acts can change your brain. These are only some of the studies that confirm the fact that even a mature brain can grow new neurons and that it can be induced by performing cognitive tasks, such as learning and problem solving, and other brain-enhancing activities, including meditation, yoga and aerobic exercises. However, brain function is based not only on the brain cells, but also on the connections between them, called synapses. Here comes the concept called neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to reorganize neural pathways based on new experiences.
Perhaps, it is impossible to move objects with your mind or change form by manipulating the cells of your body, like Lucy in the recent Luc Besson’s sci-fi movie did (or maybe it is, who knows?), but it is certain that you can enhance your abilities and boost your brain power. So, your article should really say that “cognitive decline was more significant when there was more beta-amyloid (in the brain). A workout for Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t simply about hitting the gym and doing a few finishing sets.
He hit every body part with mind-numbing intensity and developed every muscle group to its maximum. What follows is a detailed look at what arm-training techniques Arnold employed, as well as two programs, one basic and one advanced, based on the Oak’s methods.
One of the most common reasons people fail to achieve their goal is that they don’t even know what their goals are!
Another reason is that some people had set their goals, but they are not setting their goals correctly.
Just like if you’re only making $1,000 a month and you set your goals as to earn $100,000 in just one month, it will be almost impossible to achieve.
So find out what you really want in your life, set your goals and be realistic in goal setting. This is one of the most obvious differences between a successful person with someone who fail to achieve their goals in life.
Affirming your goals once after you woke up and once before you sleep is a MUST DO if you are serious to achieve your goals. People will give excuses and blame other factors when they fail to achieve their goals most of the time. You don’t have to change your life drastically, but you must be willing to improve your life a little bit everyday.

Many people seem to misunderstand and thought that once they set their goals, they’ll achieve their goals automatically. Always remember this, success is about getting things done, it is a process and not a destination. Latha Das and Ramachandra Bandekar will be conducting these sessions. What would happen if you develop your personality completely? how would you be benefited personally, professionally? Find out at Success Point. Science doesn’t give a solid answer to this question simply because it still has a very poor understanding of how the human brain works and what it is actually capable of. The prevailing scientific view was that a person is born with a particular number of neurons, or brain cells, which only decreases with age. As a result, Kaplan found that the animals that were involved in cognitive tasks demonstrated increased brain cell growth and enhanced activity in their mature neurons.
This type of cells remains in the human brain for lifetime, which means that it is possible to grow new neurons at any age.
The research team conducted the experiment using 30 volunteers and two games, during which the participants were asked to decide how much money they would give one another. Even if we imagine that we only have a fixed number of brain cells, do you think that we use the same pathways between them throughout our lives? Scientists give birth to new radical theories, entrepreneurs come up with pioneering business ideas and artists create mind-boggling masterpieces because their neurons are arranged and wired in a certain way, and their neural connections are stronger in particular brain regions. This amazing ability not only affects our development and cognitive functions, but can even help recover from a grave brain injury.
Yaffe and her colleagues of the University of California studied risks of Alzheimer’s disease by measuring the protein beta amyloid levels in the blood.
Matthew Bambling of the University of Queensland, Australia, believes that learning new things stimulates the brain and encourages it to rewire itself and change throughout life. Maybe one day neuroscience will explain incredible superpowers of the human brain, such as photographic memory or the ability to solve complex math problems in the head (remember Daniel Tammet, “human-calculator” from UK?), and will find the key to unraveling its potential. Stimulate your brain function – learn, read, meditate – and you will see that soon you will get miraculous results. To build the massive upper appendages that allowed him to win seven Olympia titles, Arnold employed every trick in the bodybuilding book. Some people do not know about the power of goal setting and hence, they never set any goals in their life.
This is so that you can build up your confidence because it is easier to achieve smaller goals. Successful people treat their goals seriously and do whatever they can to make their goals come true. If you truly follow through and do this everyday, you’ll submerge the idea of achieving your goals into your subconscious mind.
Successful people think about what they want most of the time while ordinary people think about what they don’t want most of the time. It has been confirmed thanks to neuroimaging technologies, including positron emission tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which make it possible to monitor the activity of the living brain.

The only certain thing is that brain is a very flexible organ, whose structure and organization can be influenced by external factors and altered through a number of activities. It was found that the grey matter in the right side of their temporoparietal junction was unusually large. The stronger our synapses are, the better our brain works, and the more productive and creative we are.
They results showed that the cognitive decline was more significant when there was more beta-amyloid in the blood, but lifestyle factors can affect this tendency. By learning new activities, our brain can develop new neural connections and thus alter its physical structure. It is true that you must think big and dream big, however, the goals you set must be realistic. There are tons of great information, tips and strategies how to set and achieve your goals here in my blog.
If you’re not serious in achieving your goals, why do you set goals in the first place? Think about it, affirming your goal is not something difficult, it only takes you a few minutes a day and if you do this everyday, the result it brings are amazing. You’ll keep on thinking about your goals and be motivated all the time to achieve them. You’ll definitely change your life slowly as you achieve what you want in your life and getting nearer toward your goals everyday.
For example, you can develop the habit of affirming your goals twice a day until after you’ve made this a habit, only then you start to develop other empowering habits. Goal setting is not a magic wand, you’ll not achieve what you want by just writing it down. So ask yourself whether are you ready to sacrifice and take action to make your goals come true? The researchers concluded that people who are kind and perform altruistic acts actually have more developed brain regions and grey matter than those who do not. In particular, people with higher cognitive reserve (education, literacy) tend to experience less cognitive decline. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe. Not that it is impossible to be achieved, however, you must consider your current situation.

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