The "drink test" - the mistake nearly every guy makes when a girl asks him to buy a drink (hint: it's NOT a matter of saying yes or no! These mistakes are EASY to fix - and this will help you avoid the instant rejection most guys experience when they approach women.
Gain Complete Control Over Women, Effortlessly Engage With Confidence and Turn the Heads of Hotter Women!
I know, maybe some of you already tried the mind seduction technique and produce no result whatsoever.
Alternatively, completewomencontroller embbeded this youtube video to help you seduce and gain control over women!
It’s so simple, even a 18 years old kid can applied complete women control seduction method.

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Using more than 10 years in dating experience, i’ve succeed finding the seduction secret. Yet if you follow this 1-2-3 formula next time you're out with a girl (revealed in the video), she'll be practically BEGGING to kiss you!
A forbidden dating technique as i’ve gain a lots of women using this seduction technique.

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