The best-selling video game LEGO Batman franchise into an action-packed out-of-this-world adventure! LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is another edition of the popular series of games jungle adventure that around the world sold over 100 million copies. History in Beyond Gotham, as the title indicates, takes us from the streets of Gotham City in a completely new and unexplored regions of the fictional DC Universe.
In LEGO Batman ™ 3: Beyond Gotham, the Caped Crusader joins forces with superheroes from the DC Comics universe and explosions in space to stop the evil Brainiac to destroy the Earth. Production studio Traveller’s Tales is the third game in the series, which allows us to incorporate the Batman and dozens of superheroes and villains inhabiting DC Comics card.

With the power of the Rings Lantern, Brainiac shrinking worlds to add to your collection of miniature twisted cities worldwide.
The story focuses on the efforts of the Justice League, who, along with Batman, as well as many well-known superlotrami, will try to prevent the threatened crisis Earth. Now the greatest heroes and villains of the smartest super must unite and go to different worlds to collect Lantern Lanterns and stop Brainiac, before it is too late.
Brainiac, Superman’s nemesis, using stolen power rings Green lanterns reduced our planet and joined it to his bizarre collection of trophies. The heroic team, which will be a total of 150 playable characters, must go in interstellar journey to recover the rings and defeat Brainiac.

We will visit the headquarters of the Justice League and many other worlds of the DC universe.
Like many other games, LEGO, all the dialogues are dubbed form, in part also by actors known from the animated TV series.

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