GH Kirsten Storms & Brandon Barash Celebrate Easter With Harper Rose a€“ See Adorable Pics! The former Destiny's Child singer posted a photo of her during a yoga session just weeks after announcing she's expecting with husband of one month, Tim Witherspoon.Rowland proudly showed off her growing bump and looked serene during the session.
Amy Mulvaney Dublin woman and mother to young Instagram star Miss Ella May, Kelly Fitzsimons has shared an empowering message about body image. In Marc Jacob’s Spring 2014 campaign, Miley Cyrus is sitting there, being stylish next to … a dead girl. Speaking of the dehumanizing fashion, here are pics from a fashion show during London’s Men Fashion Week. Now let’s look at Yeezus’ sister-in-law, Kourtney Kardashian, and her photoshoot for The Coveteur magazine.
Here are Khloe’s half-sisters Kendall and Kylie (notice how people in the above pics are all related) 2013 Christmas card. Here’s Jared Leto (a regular at SPOTM) forming a triangle with his hands and conveniently hiding one eye with them.
Here’s what people in Sydney saw on New Years Eve: A giant All-Seeing Eye watching the city. With season 2 of BET’s Being Mary Jane set for February, the network is revving up for its premiere with a new teaser.

As season 1 came to a close, Mary Jane (played by Gabrielle Union) found out that her ex-boyfriend David (Stephen Bishop) had moved on with a new girlfriend (just when she’d decided he was the one for her). In the nearly two-minute clip, the two are seen reconnecting, and just as things seem to be heating up between them, MJ decides she doesn’t want to travel down the same road anymore.
Not sure if MJ’s going to stand her ground on this one, but viewers will find out when the premiere airs Tuesday, February 3, 2015.
This entry was posted in Entertainment News and tagged Being Mary Jane, Season 2, Sneak Peek by Christal Rock. Well, it just so happens that one set of the sneakers were a teeny tiny pair designed with a little baby in mind! Whether or not Minogue comes back, there’s only a week left for producers to try and sort something out.
They heard Say Yes and were like, 'Right now is the time for Destiny's Child to make a single'. Of course, it features Kelly and Beyonce on there, which just adds more amazingness to it," she said. This ad campaign prompted a writer at The Guardian to publish an article entitled “How female corpses became a fashion trend“, where the writer cites a few other examples where dead women are featured in fashion shoots. Yup, its a guy wearing a shirt saying “Brains 0?, combined with a Mikey Mouse hat (a symbol of mind control) and a device forcing his mouth open.

But seriously, the fashion world is desperately trying to make women look masculine and men look feminine. She is posing sexily in front of a painting of the Last Supper and is hiding Jesus Christ on the pic. While this shoot may represent Kanye’s “trials and tribulations”, the imagery is still in line with the promotion of dehumanization and torture in mainstream media.
This seemingly innocent article about her “Louboutin-filled” closet is actually more filled with MK imagery.
Can someone maybe send a memo to Jared, Beyonce and Kanye to let them know that they are NOT Jesus? This ad campaign is simply a continuation of the culture of death that is prevailing in pop culture. I do not think it is possible to make that guy look more idiotic and, even worse, more of a symbol for mind control in the fashion world. In this pic, Kanye is sitting in what appears to be an electric chair with an uncomfortable mask on his head.

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