Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - The Peoples Voice TV - American Voice Radio Universal Law trumps all others. 17.0K SHARESOperation High Jump: What They Found, Then Covered Up, in Antarctica Will Blow Your Mind! This 60-90 minute event will entertain, amaze and educate your campus about the true and amazing power of the human mind. Every day of our lives we spend a great deal of time giving ourselves suggestions, some of them are good, some of them keep us from accomplishing our dreams.
Mentalism is considered to be a branch of stage magic, featuring many of the same basic tools, principles, sleights and skills in its performance. Much of what the mentalist does in his or her act can be traced back directly to tests of supernatural power that were carried out by mediums, spiritualists and psychics in the 19th Century.
Many contemporary performers, including Richard Osterlind, Banachek and Derren Brown attribute their results to less supernatural skills: the ability to read body language or to manipulate the subject subliminally through psychological suggestion, for example.
On the other hand, magicians such as David Copperfield, David Blaine and Criss Angel routinely mix aspects of mentalism with their magical illusions. Mentalism and mental magic often require performers to display an authoritative, commanding and charismatic stage presence.
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If you'd like to Discover highly guarded hypnotic influence methods, unlock the keys to covert persuasion and control yourself & others through Self Hypnosis, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.
How would you feel if you can become a "Controller", the type of person that "sets policy" wherever they go and whatever they do?
These very secret tips, techniques and advanced methods will allow you to covertly persuade and hypnotically influence anyone, anytime, all the time! Are you aware of the power of simply structuring your word patterns in the proper format can lead people into a “Hypnotic Trance”, thus giving you the ability to take this opportunity to influence their sub-conscious mind forcefully and with complete control? Did you know that just by using your energy alone, you can get someone to do what you want them to do? As you read this and begin to understand the naturally persuasive mechanisms that are already in our everyday language and energy patterns, you will get excited at how easy it will be to cause someone to come to your way of thinking or instruction.
Before you think about whether this can work for YOU, reflect back to a time when you were able to persuade or influence someone to do something.
Four:I have been successfully selling this course for 5 years with satisfied customers all over the world. As you read on, I’ll tell you more about how these high velocity concepts, methods and tactics will help you but let me tell you some straight from the hip facts about the rest of the picture. This powerful thought provoking course will teach you everything you need in order to get your persuasion skills honed to a razors edge. With that said -  I'm going to cut right to the chase and tell you exactly what this AMAZING course of instruction is capable of doing for you. Stimulus Response Triggers and how to set them: Use this method to leave behind post hypnotic suggestions and triggers that will be a potent mechanism to recall the same state as when you originally hypnotized them.
Quickly 'Snatch-Up' The highly guarded secrets that many Mentalists went to their graves with. The content in this course, if learned elsewhere would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
This is not a seminar tape that we recorded that has a lot of dead time and useless banter. It is put in an easy to understand format that anyone will be able to apply and the best thing is that it comes with mentoring.
The course comes complete with the Audio CD’s and a manual that will enable you to really get the concepts down completely by allowing you to do different types of exercises to hone down your persuasive skills.
Looking at some of the other programs on the market, we were advised to price our products similarly, but we decided that like all of our products, we would make this so affordable for you that you would buy this immediately, knowing that you got the best instruction at the absolute best price value.
There are many books, videos and courses on Hypnosis, NLP, Persuasion, Influence etc, and many of these are excellent sources of information. With our specialized curriculum you will learn the devastating methods of how to train to pull off this type of specialized influence methods.
The police officer approached me, I stated "I am so sorry I never speed this wanted to see how fast it would accelerate for a few seconds, I was speeding a bit wasn't I" The officer stated, "Yep 96kmp in a 80 zone". I then stated "This is the dumbest thing in my life, you've don't it before, you know you just want to plant your foot down and see the car accelerate for a few seconds, but your a careful driver.
The police officer paused for two seconds as if something had registered in his brain and said"Yes I know what you are talking about please don't do it again, drive safely and have a good day".

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Is the information precisely laid out or is it the recording of someone's weekend seminar?
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Johnson, is bringing the same energy and excitement you get in his comedy hypnosis show to the college lecture circuit. Youa€™ll learn, in a fun filled way, the tools of the hypnotist, and how you can use those psychological tools to better your life.
Group hypnosis session which will also reinforce the powerful messages given during the lecture.
In the former, a book is chosen at random by an examiner (usually a member of the audience) and opened at a random page. A few performers, in the mould of Uri Geller or James Van Praagh, claim to actually possess supernatural powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, or telekinesis. Doing so associates mentalism too closely with the theatrical trickery employed by stage magicians. For example, a mind-reading stunt might also involve the magical transposition of two different objects. You become so focused on what you are watching that your brain takes a short vacation from thinking.
I have been on radio stations throughout the country and have been asked as a personal consultant to those that seek reliable information on Mind Control and Hypnotic Manipulation. You will learn techniques that until previously had not been taught outside of a few lucky people. As a matter of fact, I spoke to someone on the phone the other day that mentioned they spent over $300 for a similar type course and it didn't include mentoring! You have the information in a format that is easy to learn from and you have a mentoring program that you can use to accelerate your skills as time goes on. Of course, if your the type that would use these for the wrong purpose, don't even bother ordering the course as we only want responsible adults using this highly coveted material. Just by looking at the notes for this course, I can already tell I got my moneys worth!!!! We have shipped this course to every continent with the exception of Antarctica, but you never know what the future holds.
Seminars are great, but a lot of times you get a lot of fluff and it takes several hours to get to the point of the content.
My course, you can use for business, personal, romance, losing weight quitting smoking, etc. The Manual covers all of the word structures, patterns and concepts covered in the course, plus additional details not covered on the CDs. Like many products that we have either created or endorsed, this one contains many insights that are truly remarkable and worthwhile to learn.

When have you ever had the designer, creator, or author offer to mentor you as part of the curriculum? We give you 90 days to review the product, try it out and even contact us for 3 mentoring sessions to get the product to work for you.
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One of the earliest recorded performances of a mentalism act was by diplomat and pioneering sleight-of-hand magician Girolamo Scotto in 1572. There remain some people who believe that Geller and similar practitioners are actually demonstrating supernatural powers. Many mentalists claim not to be magicians at all, arguing that it is a different art form altogether. Such hybrid feats, or magic with a mental theme, are usually classified as "mental magic" by performers. When you get this course, you will begin to realize that you are a controller and have always been, you just needed to be aware of the techniques.
My course is studio recorded with all concepts laid out for you to get the most out of it. If only at a subconscious level, you probably thought of a black cat.That is because you have to think about each word before understanding the grammar. If the mentalist can discover the thought-of word(s), apparently using only "mental powers", then he passes the "test." In the living-and-dead test, the name of a deceased person(s) is mixed in with the names of people still living, all written on identical slips of paper.
Apparently using mental powers alone, the mentalist must separate the living from the dead.
The next thing, blue lights start to flash, oh no the cops, I am way over the speed limit no chance of getting out of this. This could be a negative comment blasted down from a parent, a goal that is repeated every night, a self-image belief etc.
So the whole idea to use the power of suggestion is to find ways to communicate to the subconscious. So remember to repeat the same suggestions with no less confidence or enthusiasm each time you do it. Of course they can also be amazingly powerful when only used once, as this is often how phobias are caused. Self Hypnosis is something that you can get good at and learn more about the more you practice. It is helpful to practice a few times each day, if only for a few minutes.Another way to boost your power of suggestion?
You could mark them out by slightly changing your voice, tone, a body movement, a tilt of the head, any subtle difference that the subconscious will recognise, but the conscious mind won’t. So make sure your suggestions, words, intonation and beliefs are positive, and accept them.
Choose your words carefully and ‘act as if’ and you may very well lead your witness down a few distorted memories! On a series called People Watchers last year, they opened an empty bottle to an audience, asking them to raise their hand when they could smell the powerful odour within.
Sure enough, people at the front started putting up their hand, this suggestion along with the hypersensitivity and suggestion of smell made the next row start to put up their hands and so on. Say that there is a pungent smell in the jar, but that different people will pick up on different scents depending on their olfactory sensitivity. Then open the lid, and keep offering suggestions that it might take a while for the smell to reach them.
Hopefully, someone towards the front will soon raise their hand… if they do, it will contribute to the suggestive force to those behind. Then, without speaking, look around the room, pensively, as if searching for the right person. Then after a few moments, say that you were just kidding – but ask people to put their hand up who felt a horrible feeling inside.
A cruel little trick – but through suggestion, by installing the imagination of being out at the front, you changed their body state.

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