Enjoy moments of Cleveland’s Gilded Age in this DVD compilation from the WRHS Archives. While much uncertainty remains in property market in general, there is one area that is showing more than just the green shoots of recovery. Research carried out by Large Mortgage Loans  into the million pound property market shows there is much to be optimistic about. The detailed research shows that for the first time since 2007 million pound property sales have made up more than 1 per cent of total property sales in Great Britain. If you are entering the million pound house market as a buyer or seller, there is no better time than now.
This entry was posted in Barton Wyatt, Berkshire, estate agents ascot and tagged ascot, Prime Location, Top 100 Million Pound Property Towns, virginia water. Beachfront properties in Millionaire’s Row are battered by ten foot waves and more as powerful storms ready up the coast, with Brighton bearing the brunt of the gales.

Adele has a ?2million home on the Western Esplanade, and shares the exclusive neighborhood with celebrity neighbors Heather Mills and Fatboy Slim, to name a few. While Luxury Mansions in Florida may be selling at twenty percent below the original asking price, a mega-mansion in London is set to sell for ?117million ($229 million) – making it one of the world’s most expensive homes. The home in Kensington Palace Gardens, West London where Princess Diana’s once lived, is being sold complete with furniture and art collection. Mr Mittal is currently denying the rumor, but is known to have been looking for a property for his son, Aditya. The market for million pound houses rose by a staggering 58 per cent in 2010, showing every sign of heading back to levels of sales not seen since the economic crash.
In 2010 726,976 properties were sold across the country and 1.02 per cent of those were sold for a million pounds or more. As an increasing number of premier properties become available, more buyers are clearly again on the look-out for their dream home.

One indicator is the proportion of million pound homes locally – Prime Location have compiled the top 100. Mr Mittal already owns a property on the street and moved into the half-mile, tree-lined private avenue four years ago after paying ?67million for a twelve-bedroomed house.
Here’s a guide to help you look for the million pound property and you can see we have done very well with two top ten entries.

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