As our most recent new visitor, we welcome you and recommend that you sign up for our free e-course on becoming a millionaire. Going on a picnic: Simply pack a picnic basket basket and head over to your favorite local park to enjoy the day with your family. Find the sunset: Think of a great place in your local area where you and your family can enjoy watching the sunset one evening. Set up your own field day: Many of us remember field day at school where we played all kinds of sports and competitions to win prizes. Have a craft day: Most kids love crafts, and many would highly enjoy spending the day as a family making all kinds of things.
Local freebies: Many times, local museums and other attractions will have free days during the summer. Family game night: With so many people running through life on hectic schedules, kids will really enjoy having a family game night where everyone gets together and laughs for hours on end. Spending time together as a family during the summer doesn’t have to be expensive or cost any money at all.

Read previous post:Solar Powered CarsThe designers of cars of the future face the challenge of coming up with alternative-fuel vehicles. Set up some tents in your own backyard, grab the ingredients for some s’mores and enjoy an evening out under the stars.
Instead of spending lots of money at your local ice cream eatery, you can make it at home and build a lot of memories in the process. Instead, set up your own field day right there in your backyard where you can play soccer and other fun games.
You are likely to have one within close range of your home, so take a day to visit and enjoy. You can get craft supplies at the dollar store or just use things from around your house like paper bags and plates.
Taking a little fishing trip to a local watering hole, and it will provide a lifetime of memories. By simply taking the time to come up with unique, free ideas for entertainment, you can build a lifetime of memories with your family while never opening your wallet.

Using the free printable budget chart, you can keep track of exactly where your money is going. Get some inexpensive sprinklers if you don’t have them and make a day of it in your yard. After all, these kinds of activities are what you and your family will remember for many years to come. However, the economy hasn’t allowed a lot of families to take grandiose vacations in recent years.

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