For the uninitiated, a mind map is a graphical organization of ideas and concepts that can be used to facilitate the generation of ideas and the learning process. Mind mapping is done by connecting one idea to another with the aid of colors and images to tap both sides of our brains. If you’re thinking of how you can start adsopting mind mapping in your learning or brainstorming needs, check out these 43 great examples of how mind maps can be made. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited.
Or, if not retired, living a dream lifestyle that few could live.   Envision your surroundings — what type of house would you be in?  On a mountain?  On a creek?  On the ocean?  What kind a car would you be in?   A trusty Toyota like I drive, or a maybe something a bit more extravagant like a Porsche?  How would you spend your time?  Traveling with family?  Home schooling your children? Or will your story be a long essay, filled with trials, tribulations, errors, triumphs, successes, and failures? Yes, if your backstory is weak, it’s probably because you have no pages in your story.
Are you expecting a backstory from taking one, solitary action and expecting legendary success?
Is the effort you’re putting forth the kind of effort needed to create significant failure and significant results?
The backstory is the process — the hard work that no one ever sees and rarely ever, no one wants to hear about. The backstory is that night you spent up at 3am trying to code-break a user function error. The backstory is tossing your selfish desires in the backseat of your car, while your business and Fastlane objectives take the driver seat. You see, when you fully engage in process and start doing (and failing) you are burning your backstory into place, the unfolding process that architects the foundation to your backstory. The point of this post is to form your expectations to your awesome, soon-to-be created backstory. Comment Guidelines: We all have opinions and I'm cool with ya disagreeing with me however anonymous comments, stupid comments, trolling, hating, and other uncivil comments will be deleted. I’ve Invested almost $100 in Facebook ads with no response as well as countless hours on Craigslist and Oodle ads. There’s already 3 established nationwide businesses in our industry, however they have plenty of flaws.

I know that most people buy on emotion over need, however my selfish desires have targeted the emotion more than the need and most likely the wrong emotions. All in all it’s the journey that makes life worth while and not the destination that’s why I prefer road trips to plane rides and marathons to sprints! I agree, there are no 4hr work weeks to success, just when you get there, if that’s the lifestyle you desire. I did all kinds of affiliate marketing gigs, clothing store gigs(where I sold one item for $14.00), adsense stuff while searching for the next greatest e-book on how to get rich easy on the web.
The only business I’ve ever been moderately successful at is my self-employed web design business. After reading your book, I have such a clear understanding and I’ve questioned everything I do. Clinton, glad you enjoyed the book and feel you have a more definitive approach to your goals … that was my intent!
I just set a calendar reminder to read this ever 2 weeks from now until the day I can start telling my backstory! Fastlane Forum DiscussionsNet-worth up 7% this month – Take Massive Action, it feels great! NOTICE:You acknowledge that the content available on the FastlaneEntrepreneurs website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, tax, accounting or legal advice. The reason why this has been argued to be more effective than the traditional method of learning (e.g. The variety of these examples only goes to show that there’s no one right way to create a mind map. I remember sitting in my apartment regurgitating code on a Friday night when I could hear the bustle of happy hour in the bar across the street.
Of course I’m sure Tim wants you to believe that you can start with fours a week and still be rich, without the process that he went through. Many people including those whose opinions I greatly respect tell me I’m crazy to face them head-on.
Now I need to take a step back and balance the emotion and need to get the formula right or else I will continue to fail!
I mean this both metaphorically and literally as I love to drive long distances and run marathons.

Then starting a micro-blogging site for businesses with a gazillion different features, ajax and a bunch of other facny shit totalling up to maybe 500hrs, or more. I worked really hard at it, but to my great disapointment, I had missed the fad and the market was already saturated.
Never made a sale, before I had the chance the company changed directions…violating another commandment, control.
This business, although, has no leverage and will never make me rich and can never be sold. And after reading your book, I wish you had published this 10 years ago when I was a little kid, so I could have read it then and maybe avoided some of the massive time and money mistakes on the way.
As I read this book, certain things pop out at me showing me why I’ve failed in certain areas. You understand that no content published on the site constitutes a recommendation that any particular business, industry, website, security, portfolio of securities, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person or business. Instead of wallowing on the floor I take the advice constructively and change my short term focus to meet the long-term goal of being #1- aka I have to crawl before I can walk and walk before I can run.
This failed to, because, once again, I did what I loved, but it didn’t have a demand.
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If you have read the book, he has a very detailed account about his process that was very much more than four hours a week. Also, there were a million other people starting micro-blogging sites by downloading a script or signing up to Ning. Everyone was a blogger and I didn’t have enough traffic to even compete with the lowest 1%, never mind the few bloggers making $90k a month that I have a very low chance of ever getting to.
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