To complete the level, you must guide your character (a small red square, actually) from the starting position to the finish position without being touched by the moving obstacles.
Even after you've figured out a way to maneuver through the obstacles, you still need to react quickly. Each time you are touched by a moving obstacle, thus losing the level, the counter at the top of the game goes up. However, if you want a high score on the Worlds Hardest Game, you will need to not die a lot.
If there are any gold coins, keys, etc., on the obstacle course, you need to pick these up as you travel from the starting area to the finish area, which is also green.
The Menu at the top of the game provides options to change the color of your square, mute the sound, change the display quality, and so on.
See the Tips & Tricks link in the game for hints on how to beat the various configurations. The Worlds Hardest Game 2.0 may be the hardest game ever, but that's what makes it a great brain game.

If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free online maze games on this site, such as Brain Follow (which also has a monster dungeon theme) and Techno Maze. The maze is well-lit (or perhaps you're holding a torch), so you don't need to worry about being able to see.
To help you avoid becoming disoriented, there's a compass in the lower right of the 3D Maze Escape game.
That's a feature I really like, because it means you'll never be able to simply memorize the maze for future play-throughs. Since the monsters are adept at finding you, I've found it's not helpful to stay in one place very long.
Move like-colored blocks together vertically to score points and clear blocks from the board. To remove three blocks, look for two matching blocks aligned vertically one above the other with an empty space between them. As you go through each level, you must also collect any small yellow coins that are on the screen.

The Worlds Hardest Game is designed to only allow you a small window of time to move your piece to avoid one obstacle and then the next. Your score at the end is a reflection of how many times you have not lost while attempting the various levels.
If you need to take a break but don't want to lose your progress, click the PAUSE button at the top of the game.
They can help strengthen important brain skills like spatial orientation, concentration, and reaction time.

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