If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free time management games on this site, such as Penguin Diner 2 and Diner Dash. Fill your customer's orders efficiently and accurately for high scores and to make extra money for upgrades. Click on a waiting penguin to select them, and then click on an available table to seat them. Your brain actually gets into a grove where you'll check the front door of Penny's diner to see whether new customers have arrived. But as you complete day after day, and five or ten minutes of playing has passed, you'll notice your brain has become highly focused! Note: The original Brain Tuner game stopped working, so I replaced it with this Quick Math game which is similar. If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free math games on this site, such as Mind Cards, A Very Simple Game, and the Memory Test. Rather than type in the answers to math questions, in this game the math equations are provided. Before the artist can do that, Velma (you) has to describe what the criminal's face looks like.
On the sketch screen, click the facial feature (Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hair, Facial Hair, Ears) that you remember. If the sketch doesn't match the criminal's face, you get a few more chances to get it right.
After the short advertisement ends, click the PLAY GAME button in the lower right of the game window.
If you've never played pinball online before or in the arcade, the concept of the game is simple: keep the white ball bouncing around inside the machine for as long as possible. As you get better at this pinball online game, you'll want to hit combos, multipliers, and other high-value shots for extra points.
UPDATE: It appears the High Scores leaderboard is no longer being supported by the game developer. I actually could have kept going, but with 6 balls on the table at once my brain was on overload. You might not ever be able to focus like the Bally Table King, but playing pinball online is certain to help improve your concentration, reaction time, and other brain skills. The object is to clear the board as quickly as possible by clicking unblocked, matching pairs of butterflies.
The simplest matching pair is when same-species butterflies are located next to each other. Because they are easy to spot, I usually look for these simple pairs first, to help clear out the center of the board. At the beginning of the game, the other type of available pair can occur along one side of the board. Each time you clear a matching pair of butterflies, a small amount of time is added to the timer. It does not reload a full board of butterflies, and it does leave open the spaces you've already cleared. The more you play this beautiful butterfly kyodai game, the faster you'll be able to spot available pairs. The object of this free Tetris online game (like with all Tetris games) is to stack the falling blocks in such a way as to leave no gaps.
Each time you complete a row, that row disappears and the overall level of the blocks falls. If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free Tetris games on this site, such as Droptris, Tetris Fruit Drop, and Original Tetris.
To change game options such as game difficulty, background music, or key functions, click the OPTIONS button on the menu. According to Richard Haier, prolonged Tetris activity can lead to more efficient brain activity during play.

When first playing Tetris, brain function and activity increases, along with greater cerebral energy consumption, measured by glucose metabolic rate. As Tetris players become more proficient, their brains show a reduced consumption of glucose, indicating more efficient brain activity for this task. The Idiot Test is a simple, challenging game that trains concentration and visual attention. Using these numbers and logical reasoning, narrow down each mine's location and mark it with a flag.
Hitting a blank space is helpful, because it usually opens up large areas of the board for you.
Since a "1" indicates that there is exactly one mine adjacent to that square, the "1" you see in the corner of the L tells me that the only place the mine can be located is where I've set the flag. If at any point you click on a square where a hidden mine is located, all the mines on the board explode (see image at left). If at any time you want to return to the main menu and change the Minesweeper difficulty level, click the Splash button.
Time management games like Papa's Burgeria train brain skills like attention, perception, and task switching. If you like this burger shop online game, you might enjoy the other free time management games on this site. From correctly filling the order to grilling the burger as requested, there's a lot to pay attention to if you want the burger shop to succeed.
As a worker (or owner) in Papa's Burgeria burger shop, you are responsible for 3 workstations in the restaurant. Finally, the Build Station is where you add toppings to the burger, per the customer's request.
For example, if the arrow on the timer points straight down, the customer would like their burger cooked "medium". Possible burger toppings include sliced cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce. If you cooked and topped it correctly, the customer is happy and you'll receive a monetary tip. Continue serving customers day after day, and you'll accumulate a lot of tip money in this burger shop online game. On the Rank screen that appears between days, you'll have the opportunity to click the Upgrade Shop button to view possible upgrades. Note: Shop upgrades are purchased with in-game money "earned" during the game, not real money.
For example, there are various signs and posters you can hang in the burger shop that give a better wait-time score. Other upgrades in Papa's burger shop online game include a TV, newspaper stand, video arcade cabinet, a jukebox, gumball machine, and coffee stand. These brain skills are very useful during day-to-day activities where you need to stay focused and react quickly. If you focus intently on this game, you'll notice your brain working faster and faster to follow the action. The idea with this brain game is to complete a list of 20 simple math problems as fast as you can. You might also find my free printable math flash cards useful for practicing your basic math facts. You're sure to get at least one Ball Save every game and maybe an Extra Ball or two, if you're lucky. In other words, you can still play pinball, but the game doesn't keep track of high scores anymore.
After you click the PLAY GAME button, the pinball machine appears with the Main Menu screen above it. Click the Options button to access the pinball Options screen where you can change the level of difficulty or language.

It's a song about a deaf, dumb (mute), and blind young man who becomes the local pinball champion. An alternative strategy might be to save some of these obvious matches for later, when you might need some quick matches to pump up the timer. Butterflies on different sides of the board cannot be connected, because the path would require three right-angle turns (which is not allowed).
This game can be played in any of 20 different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish.
If you need to stop this kyodai mahjong game for a few minutes, click the Pause button in the upper right corner. This increase in skill is evidence that your concentration and visual perception may be improving through practice. If you make it to the end, tell me what the final screen says and I'll post your name on this page! It became widely popular when Microsoft starting bundling it with the Windows operating system.
Given a grid of blank squares, your task is to deduce where all the mines are located - without setting any of them off! A number indicates how many mines are adjacent to that square (eight possible locations, including the four diagonal spaces). As you can see in the screen image at right, I've uncovered an L-shaped pattern of 1's on the board.
Whenever you identify the location of a mine, hover the mouse over that square and press the SPACEBAR. But I think it's fun to play Minesweeper online for brain training purposes, because it forces you to focus on one thing - logical problem solving.
When the game pop-up window opens, wait for the green bar at the bottom to finish loading the game.
Click one of the three Save Slots that appears, then type in your first name in the Enter Your Name Below box and click Continue. Follow through the tutorial for instructions on how to take customer orders and make burgers.
Drag tickets to the order line (a wire above the counter) to organize the tickets as you like.
This station has a stack of raw hamburger patties on the left, a trash bin on the upper left, and a stacking spot in the lower right.
With the burger patty cooked, it's time to dress the burger with toppings, so now click the Build Station button. If you did a bad job (for example, if you burned the patty), the customer is upset and you won't receive anything. When you're done in tne Upgrade Shop, click the Back to Game button at the bottom of the screen. I suppose that's because they provide the customer something to look at rather than bare walls while you're preparing their burger order. They train a number of different brain skills including perception, attention, and task switching.
Click the Take Order button above the customer's head to see what type of burger they want to buy.
Then type your name in the "Enter your name" box if you wish (it's not required), and click the Start button.

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