This shopping list memory game is ideal for practicing the memory techniques used to recall lists. Wait for the shopping list memory game to load, then click the "PLAY" button on the cash register to start the action.
When you're ready to shop, move your mouse left or right to control the shopping cart trolley. It was developed over 300 years ago and is one of the most powerful of the memory systems that use imagination and association. If the presentation includes sales figures and statistics, would you rather shuffle through papers or amaze everyone by spitting out the numbers from memory? That's just one example, but if you need to remember passwords, phone extensions, mathematical constants, street addresses, product codes, Bible verses, or anything else numeric, then invest some time learning the Phonetic Number system. Note: For a simpler way to remember long numbers temporarily, check out the Direct Chunking method.
For example, if I asked you to memorize the phrase, "Four score and seven years ago", you could easily do it. The reason one is simple to memorize and the other is impossible results from the chunking effect of the alphabet when letters are used to form words. So an incredibly powerful trick for remembering numbers would be finding a way to convert the numbers to letters.

This is a good thing, because it means you can use the vowels and the three unused consonants in your word equivalents however you like. I'll illustrate the use of the Phonetic Number system for remembering numbers with a couple simple examples.
So if you've memorized the conversion table above, you should be able to think of a catchy little phrase. Then you would take your silly phrase and quickly think of a visual association to remember it by. You want to make sure and lock those dollar amounts in your head so you don't mess up the presentation.
Now, if you just relied on rote memorization, you might not only forget the actual sales figures, but you could get confused about which figure goes with which widget. So let's combine the Alphabet Peg memory system (sound-alike version) with the Phonetic Number system to make sure that doesn't happen.
This may seem silly, but think about it for second - as long as you remember your image of a lame haystack, there is no way you can forget the sales figure for Widget A or confuse the amount with another widget's sales figures!
It should be clear at this point that the Phonetic Number system really works, and not only that it is kind of fun. The RECALL memory improvement board game is designed to measure and improve your ability to recall information.

The first thing you need to do in Trolley Dash is spend a few moments memorizing your shopping list.
Then, each time you were about to push the buttons on the keypad to get in the building, you would automatically think "hotdog bun".
This thought would remind you of the hotdog with the big bun playing pool (POOL ROOM BUN = 954392). Unless you have a superior memory, I'd suggest you use the Link memory technique, explained below. If you have correctly chosen an item that was on your shopping list, it will drop into your trolley. Then put it into practice at work, at school, and in your everyday life with the long numbers you need to remember!

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