Kyanite is known to never hold negative energy, and therefore never needs clearing, although in practice cleansing the stones (running water, sage, etc) helps to keep them feeling fresh & happy. Green Kyanite– Great for opening the heart chakra and connecting with nature spirits. Interestingly, while I was  writing this article & meditating with a big pile of Blue Kyanite, my coworker kept saying the exact words that I was thinking, and then I wrote a note that was the exact phrasing that my coworker was thinking!
An over-whelming conviction of His miracle of ancient time which enlightened the mind, attracted my heart and give power to my will. Prayer operates like a high speed modem which hooks up our subconscious minds and etheric fields to the creative software of the universe. In other words, if one opens to the spiritual law of abundance, you will receive anything your heart desires. Meditation and prayer will greatly enhance one's ability to connect with spirit and abundance, in fact abundance in all the spheres of ones life is a direct function of one's spiritual connection. We suggest that The Miraculous Kabbalah Prayer™ should be repeated three times daily or at least once daily.
State verbally, and mentally visualise your intention to connect to the archangels and higher forces of the universe. After a few moments your mind should be in the ideal state to say The Miraculous Kabbalah Prayer™. In the name of The Almighty El Shaddai, and by the power of the archangels, angels, spirits, powers and intelligences of light, I invoke the miraculous power of The Most Holy name of God, The Samech Aleph Lamed (one of The 72 Names Of God) so that I may connect to the sphere of financial abundance.
I pray sincerely and humbly that from now on my life will be blessed by the angels of financial abundance. At this stage The Sacred Name Of God 'Samech Aleph Lamed' should be verbally repeated clearly and slowly a total of nine times and whilst doing so, ones thoughts should be focussed on connection to the sphere and blessings of financial abundance. While saying 'Samech Aleph Lamed' each of the component Hebrew letters which make up the name of God should be visualised.
When the prayer is complete you may remain in a peaceful and quiet state of mind and continue the meditation aspect of the prayer by visualising a joyous state of financial abundance.
It is important to point out that we were chosen to receive this powerful information so that we could continue with our important work of providing healing services to the earth and mankind through our charitable organisation The Sanctuary Project™. An important aspect of connecting to the sphere of financial abundance is the rule of reciprocation, ie to give back to the universe.

In a short time you will begin to experience the blessings of financial abundance which are guaranteed by divine law. Journey through the Chakras is an introduction and a guide to energy centers in the human body known as Chakras. Chakra art in this book was created by SkyLove using specific and timeless symbols, colors and images intended to reach deep into the subconscious mind. Kyanite can be used to bring all chakras into alignment, accessing the body’s inherent healing abilities, while bringing the energy centers of the body into balance. Especially useful (along with other Kyanites) when the user is making the transition through life states.
Blue Kyanite is one of the very best stones for healing the throat chakra & clearing blockages in communication. Unites the heart chakra with other chakras, ensuring that communication comes from a heart based perspective.
We thought perhaps Kyanite’s property of bringing psychic information into conscious realization might be the culprit… pretty amazing stuff! The Miraculous Kabbalah Prayer™ will significantly improve your spiritual connection to spirit and will facilitate your connection to the unlimited financial abundance of the cosmos. Close the door, switch off any electrical appliances or phones which intrude into your awareness. While doing this, visualise yourself being surrounded by a limitless sphere of bright white light. I pray that my connection to spirit may be made strong and that each and every day will bring me closer to The Almighty. One should visualise as clearly as possible an actual state of personal financial abundance with acceptance, faith and sincere gratitude. Hebrew letters are read from right to left, so the first letter Samech is the letter on the right.
The Divine and the higher spheres of creation assist any altruistic project that has the sincere aim of helping one's fellow man.
When this occurs, we would strongly recommend that you pass on the blessings which will facilitate a stronger connection to the unlimited blessings of financial abundance.
Beautifully illustrated with clear and simple explanations of each chakra’s properties and functions this book is a meditation tool which can be used to awaken and balance your chakras!

Included with illustrations are short meditations, affirmations, poetry and special yoga poses demonstrated by the author all meant to unlock and balance the primal energy reflected through the Chakras. It’s energy is soothing and clarifying, and when used in meditation can help the user connect easily with their subconscious thoughts and spiritual guides. Kyanite has a tranquilizing effect, and is serene yet active, useful for gently releasing blocked energy and soothing stress. Excellent aid for the chronically ill, as it helps to purify the soul while easing the transition through challenging situations or death. Opens the heart to recieve and give love freely, gently cleansing the heart of old hurts while inviting hope and joy to return. Can be used as a fertility stone, as it activates sexuality & purifies the second chakra.
Ones spiritual connection to the sphere of financial abundance will be greatly enhanced by practising the following meditation and prayer. I wish to offer my sincere gratitude to The Almighty for bestowing these wonderful blessings upon me. If the prayer and visualisation is being performed correctly you may experience sensations of joy and light energy moving through you. This law ensures that the unlimited light and abundance of the cosmos may be experienced by everyone. We request that you make a donation towards our charitable organisation, The Sanctuary Project™, which provides direct financial assistance, care and healing therapies free of charge to sick children, the elderly, the poor and those in need. Kyanite helps the user to become more receptive to truth, and more receptive in general, which is useful when experiencing situations in which patience is necessary, and the time for action has not yet arrived.
Helps to release old pain while enabling the user to face all situations calmly and openly. The stone can be placed beneath the pillow to enhance the dream state, or held upon waking to help the user recall their dreams in more vivid detail.

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