The days of verifying your identity through pin codes may finally be over as a British bank rolls out voice recognition technology for clients to access their bank information. Barclays will be the first in the world to offer ‘voice biometrics’ to customers who want to access their bank details via phone. The software Barclays is using is called ‘Nuance FreeSpeech.’ It compares the caller’s voice to a voiceprint filed by the bank. If security requirements aren’t met, then that’s the time traditional methods of verification are used: the caller will be asked to fill in his or her password details. Voice biometrics technology has so far saved customers around 1 minute in the verification process and eased burden for Barclays. Barclays Personal and Corporate Banking Chief Executive Ashok Vaswani assured ‘It’s foolproof. Canonisation of popes John Paul II and John XXIII has got Catholics showing their devotion to the extreme.

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Toke for healing with this handmade, Earthy Labradorite Crystal One-Hitter! A beautiful and mystical tool to add to your collection…this thick Labradorite wand is a powerful way to activate your crystal grids, to hold during meditation or when trying to fall into a lucid dream. This Earthy Labradorite crystal wand pipe includes an extra stainless-steel screen insert along with my all-natural pipe cleaner recipe! Learn some of the metaphysical properties of Labradorite below. Labradorite has long been thought by mystics to be a powerful tool for remembering dreams and integrating their subconscious lessons into every day life, amplifying psychic connections, increasing all areas of intuition, and aiding in the understanding of esoteric wisdom. This stone beautifully balances, clears and strengthens the aura, or the human electromagnetic field. 93% of customers of Barclay’s private banking arm Wealth, who have been using the technology since 2013, have rated the service highly with 9 out of 10 in speed, ease of use and security.
When a caller phones the bank’s customer service centre, Nuance FreeSpeech kicks in and verifies the caller’s identity during the call.
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Reports from countless users note this particular assimilation of atoms increases the flow of synchronicity into your life. This stone is said to reduce stress & anxiety by stirring feelings of self-confidence deep within the owner. If you have researched crystals at all, you will quickly discover there are a handful of properties attributed to each crystal easily found in a multitude of sources which is why there are no specific sources noted for this generalized information on our site. While we believe in the usefulness of crystals for adding meaning and wonder to our lives, as well as aiding in the involution of those who’s intention is such, these properties are not meant to be seen as scientifically proven psychological or physical treatment.
It is our mission to provide those interested in the metaphysical with information & inspiration for utilizing crystals in your own autonomous way and for your own autonomous meaning.

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