Meditation is an important practice in out lives, that can help to achieve true understanding of life and ourselves.
Before starting meditation lessons, anyway, it is important that you get confident with some simple biology, the Biology of Belifs. Then it is highly suggested that you firstly more information about how to heal yourself, and then see below some meditation techniques and music for helping meditation.
To devote some time on a regular basis to deep meditation techniques, it’s important to recognize what meditation truly is. Now you can give yourself permission to rise up by expanding our spirituality to the presence of God.
With deep meditation, it’s possible and the more you practice, the better and more deeply you will feel. PLEASE TELL US WHERE TO SEND YOUR FREE PROGRAM Over 350,538 people have downloaded this meditation track! Laura Silva is President of Silva International and the daughter of Jose Silva, founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method. Wanting to continue researching where her father left off, she brought together some of the most experienced experts in the mind development field and continued research that unites the best and most useful of the concepts behind the original Silva Method programs with the latest findings from studies on the human mind, intuition, alternative health care, NLP and spirituality.
The subconscious mind is so called because it is ACTS below our conscious awareness and is responsible for many of the things we seemingly do on 'automatic'. Often our subconscious mind is in conflict with what we want consciously and that is the reason why we often contradict ourselves. Powerful New Techniques To Re-Program Your Mind For Success - Accelerated Success Conditioning! Remember, you mind accomplishes what it thinks about the most, so ita€™s entirely up to you to make sure you think about the right things, specifically your goals and what you want to accomplish.
The combination of saying your goals out loud with emotion and using repetition of message on a consistent basis is the key to getting maximum results from your subconscious mind.
Unknown to our conscious mind these impressions and centres in the sub-conscious mind are the main cause of our actions and our reactions and the basis of our personality. If you are serious about achieving your goals, tell your mind through what you say to yourself. The real cause of our emotions and feelings is contained in the subconscious mind in the form of impressions and centres.
Epicenter is where modern India is today difficult or you lack self-discipline, try this the. Aid of meditative music (read section below day, while I was formally training group that meets. Meditation has been proven to have amazing benefits both for your mental and physical well being.
Over the years practitioners of meditation have noticed that imagining yourself ‘going down’ (as in the physical direction towards the core of the earth) helps massively when you want to enter a meditative state. Since everyone is different there will be likely be one of the techniques that follows that will jump out for you after you try them all. This is a fun one to do because you can get as creative as you want – if you want flowers and trees – add flowers and trees! It doesn’t matter how fast you walk or the height of the slope – as long as your unconscious gets the message that you want to go down (or ‘deeper’). As the name suggests imagine you are in an elevator then – at a speed that you find comfortable visualize elevator moving down. But if imagining yourself in a normal opaque metal elevator and looking at the display that says what number floor you are on works then feel free to do whatever works for you.
Lie down on your bed, get comfortable and take a few deep breaths, then start imaging yourself sinking down into the bed – almost like warm melting chocolate.

Don’t worry if you forget to count or lose your place, simply start again where you can last remember being. If you find mediation too hard or too tedious to do everyday – don’t worry you are not alone!
If you are one of these people don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that you have to pass on all the many mental and health related benefits meditation can give you.
Scientists have discovered a way to encourage your brain to go into a extremely deep meditative state – without any effort needed from your conscious, awake mind.
If you are already a proficient mediator, you can use it to increase the depth of your meditation sessions. To learn more about this breakthrough and how you can use it to supercharge your meditation sessions click here. Meditation must be done with proper techniques in order to be beneficial for the body and the mind, as well as the soul, of the person. The doctor will introduce you to the real essence of the world and of ourselves, for a better capacity of meditation. A common misconception is that meditation is for those who sit cross legged, follow Buddhism and walk around barefooted. Meditation is about taking the time to quiet the mind so that the end result will be training the mind for your benefit.
Deep meditation techniques will allow you to become more at peace with your inner knowing and inner truth.
By being in an alternate state of consciousness, it’s important that you know you are connecting with a universal God and that leaving an individualistic state of mind, you are now in oneness with a Universal mind, a Universal God. Born during the pinnacle of the Silva research on mind development, Laura was one of the primary research subjects which gave her extensive personal experience and insight into the creation and use of intuitive techniques. The subconscious mind plays a very big part in how we see and react to the world around us. When it comes to achieving your goals, your subconscious mind can either help you or hinder you, depending on what you think about most of the time. To get your subconscious mind to spend more time focusing on your goals, you have to feed your mind the right content (your goals) at intervals throughout the day and then drive that right content deep into your subconscious mind so that it is always at the forefront of your mind. This will make your subconscious mind a major asset to you and your goal achieving activities.
For more details on how the mind functions and how impressions are formed please read the article on The structure and functions of the mind. Scientific studies have shown long term meditators have lower blood pressure and produce far less stress hormones than people who don’t meditate.  They also produce more beneficial chemicals such as DHEA – the precursor to all hormones in the body. As you slow your brainwaves down the hustle and bustle of everyday life disappears and you can access your subconscious mind. When I first started meditating this was the one most helpful to me slowing my brainwaves down.
Or it can be a road that you know from your local neighborhood (as long as always slopes down, never up – it is fine for it to be flat in places, but they key to this technique is communicating to yourself that you want to ‘go down’ deeper into yourself).
If you are a visual person you might find it helpful to see the elevator front made out of glass and going down into the earth, and seeing all the different colored layers of soil. Our objective here is not to get down to number one – it is actually to completely sink so far into your consciousness that you are in a trance and forget to count. While many people enjoy meditating some people find it a mental strain, others find it mind-numbingly boring. It makes meditation ten times easier, giving you the power to explore your subconscious deeper than ever before. Also, some techniques of belifs conscient modification, useful for more deep and powerful meditation effects, will be introduced.

While some of these misconceptions may have been true at one point and for some people in the world are still true, the world as a whole has grasped onto meditation as a way to quiet the mind and become one with our inner truth, our self, and who and what we really are apart from our daily obligations and responsibilities. While some people use prayer beads and other students use nothing but a quiet place to sit and be connected to their breathing, meditation can take many forms.
If you are new to deep meditation techniques, you can follow this first one as a way to become familiar with the workings of your mind and feel around with what to expect from future mediation practices. This is the key to deep mediation techniques and once you have mastered it, can enrich your life is many, many ways. Emotion is a key factor in how your subconscious mind digests content, so the more emotional the experience the more impactful the memory. Your mind does not know the difference between real and imagined content, so whatever you want your mind to help you accomplish, say it out loud and say it with emotion. This allows you to receive insights and flashes of understanding that you wouldn’t be able to while you were awake because your conscious mind gets in the way.
What we are trying to do is communicate to our unconscious mind that we want to go deep down inside ourselves, and everybody will have different internal images that speak in different ways to their unconscious mind.
The sort of speed you are looking for here is either: as slow as you like or no faster then one number every 2 seconds or so. Our role in life doesn’t define who we are, but instead we do and this is one of the many purposes of mediation. Mediation reduces stress and has been used in medical, clinical and informal settings as a way to nurture the mind and most importantly, quiet it from the chatter of the outside world. Be in a comfortable spot, whether it is the floor, or chair and in an area of your home our outside that you feel at peace in. As you come to the end of your deep meditation session, retrace your perceptions, stages and steps until you feel connected with your body once again. The other part of getting the best results from your subconscious mind is that you need to use the magic of repetition of message.
Using this method, someone who has never meditated in their life before can experience extremely deep meditation as if they had been training for years. It acts as a tool to increase our happiness, reduce stress, improve our academic and workplace success and control powerful thoughts that enter our mind. By going within, any number of health benefits have occurred and can happen to anyone who devotes the time to it. This exercise will partially harness your visualization skills and some new skills as well.
Deep meditation is often about going through levels of consciousness which the noise of the world doesn’t often allow you to do.
Enjoy life in a way you have never appreciated before and practice deep mediation anytime you need it to enhance your perspective. You don’t have to believe in Buddhism to be a successful meditation student but instead someone of any age and walk of life who has the time to devote to it.
With deep meditation, you can and will become susceptible to different levels of perceptions, visions and feelings. Begin to feel lighter with every piece that is taken out of your body, and as you begin to feel purer, imagine them suspended in air right above you. Over time, it’s possible to enter into the presence of God and with practice, feel things you never have imagined you could feel here on Earth. Imagine your subconscious mind and what it allow your entire being to surrender to your subconscious.

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