According to Vishnu puran, kuber has given loan to lord venkatesh for his marriage with padmavati and about to pay until the end of kalyug.  People believes that if they worship lord kuber and laxmi together, they will get the everything from this materialistic world and never get short of money. The Laxmi kuber puja is performed together to obtain the prosperity and drawing new opportunities and sources of income on the festival of Diwali, dhantrayodashi, dussehra.
If the puja is performed by full devotion, trust and faith is surely followed by the positive results.  The puja of laxmikuber help in raising the living standards, wealth and prosperity in life. Those who want to perform the puja with full rituals and according to the Vedic, texts can follow the link given.
The vaastu dosh nivaran puja is an auspicious puja performed by the people when we buy a new house, shop or commercial place. Uma is maa Parvati and maheshawara is lord Shiva, the devotees seeking for the happy marital life worship both. In Hindu mythology there are pancha sukta namely purushasukta, Vishnu sukta, Sri Sukta, bhu sukta, and nila sukta.
Naryana means the utmost noble being while satya means reality so Satya Narayana means the utmost noble incarnation of truth.
According to Hindu mythology, with the grace of goddess Saraswati it is believed that the mute is able to speak and start singing. The combination of RUD {in Sanskrit means sin} and Dravyavati {means washed away} together gives Rudra. Pitra dosha generally appears if the ancestors and departed ancestors soul does not get peace.

According to the Hindu mythology, there two most popular lord who are associated with the serpents. Everyone wants wealth and money, some work very hard to earn money and some want to get easily without any effort.
It is so motivating to be working with people who are driven by nothing else than a passionate love for good music. Thank you DJ Stickle for your perfect pitch while mastering our music, Dennis for the gorgeous graphics and Crack-T for the invaluable promo. AboutCrispy Crust Records is a Munich based independent record label focused on delicious music from artists across all genres. The business people and people having financial issues must perform this puja along with homa to receive the blessings and elegance of maalaxmi.
Comforts in life and development in the career aspects will also occur because of this puja. For the better result, one can place shree laxmi and kuber yantra in the puja room permanently.
Likewise, many people faces financial problem, inspite of working hard and earning loads of money. We would like to take a moment to thank everybody who is making this adventurous endeavor so exciting on a daily basis. Indeed, the amounts of money that were generated by selling records in the golden era of the 80s and 90s seem utopian today.

Thank you Flo for that fresh ass gear, Martin and Ilke for setting up our first tour and Sara for the overall support which was priceless.
Thanks for spreading the word, buying the music (there is some money to be made after all) and sporting our shirts (there just isn’t anything like wearing a piece of bread with molten cheese on it, is there?).
The yantra made of metal is used for invoking the powers of lord kuber and maa laxmi helps in removing the curse and obstacle in the path of obtaining riches or wealth. So here we go: Thank you Tom for designing our luscious logo, Martin for shooting our pretty pictures. She is widely worshiped by Hindus and devotees try hard to seek her blessings for overall growth, especially to attain wealth. Our HQs are the cuisine where all the flavours come together to form the perfect menu your ears have been craving all your life.
The kalasha in puja represents laxmi and kuber while turmeric powder is the form of ganesha. Lay a fresh cloth on a bench or table with a small pile of grains in the center of the cloth.

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