Responsive web design is a great solution to our multi-screen problem, but getting into it from the print perspective is difficult.
As screen sizes become smaller, content starts to take up more vertical space and anything below will be pushed down, it's called the flow. Sometimes it's great that content takes up the whole width of a screen, like on a mobile device, but having the same content stretching to the whole width of your TV screen often makes less sense.
Technically there isn't much of a difference if a project is started from a smaller screen to a bigger (mobile first) or vice versa (desktop first). Co-founder of FROONT – a web tool that makes web design visual and life of a web designer nicer. Attract, convert and retain new customers through effective web design and internet marketing strategies.
Long Term SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you get pre-qualified targeted traffic to your website. Social Media MarketingEngaging your current customers and connecting with new ones on social media can lead to increased bottom line.
Conversion Rate OptimizationHaving a beautiful website is nice, but having a high converting website is better.
Link Building & ContentCreating high quality content that attracts the best links is a priority when it comes to effective web marketing.
Local Search StrategyWith more than 50% of all Google searches having local intent, having a local search strategy is a must. You can have a nice looking website and even have a good amount of traffic to the site, but if you don’t have conversions you are losing money. We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase organic search drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords.
Check out these examples of projects made with Edge Animate, and learn how they were made by downloading and experimenting with the sample files. Learn how Edge Tools & Services can help you and your team tackle animation, coding, responsive design and testing projects for the modern web. Watch these birds soar through the sky with realistic effects, using a sprite sheet and the new motion paths feature in Edge Animate.
Add tabbed content with fluid animation to your site with this easily configurable navigator.
We have all heard and almost surely said—at least once—"One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words", this is the universally shared notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single image. Infographics provide an effective way of presenting complex information in a simple form, making it easy for the viewer to understand and remember the data or information presented. Bright colors should rarely be used next to each other in large doses as the effects can be disastrous.
Often bright colors are best when separated and used as small accents rather than covering large expansive areas.

The goal of the background is to make the text and content of the page easy to read without distraction. Colors are shown to cause certain psychological reactions and emotions when viewed by people.
Again, choosing the right color(s) and combination thereof when developing a website can make the difference between having a successful website that people enjoy visiting versus a website that people cannot stand to visit and scares them away.
Be careful and always test out color schemes on knowledgeable individuals to make sure the colors used are appropriate for the target audience.
That might be tricky to grasp if you are used to design with pixels and points, but makes total sense when you get used to it. Having a lot of elements depending on each other would be difficult to control, therefore wrapping elements in a container keeps it way more understandable, clean and tidy. High converting websites have several elements that engage the visitor and get them to take action.
If you want to REVOLUTIONIZE your web presence and start making a real impact with your web marketing, then give us a call today at 337-303-2841. You can also find sample templates to help you get started with your first Edge Animate project.
This sample features a number of powerful effects using the Edge Commons extensions library, making it an in-depth experience and expanding the possibilities of storytelling with Edge Animate. This practical example gives you a basic starting point to making your own interactive marquee.
Choosing to use a bright color over a large or expansive space can cause irritation to the viewer. The bright yellow would be extremely distracting and annoying to the eye and make it difficult to read important text on the site. If using more than one bright color, choose the colors carefully and make sure to use complimentary colors. The background color should make the font of the page easy to read and understand without having to strain one's eyes to read. Often a website is the first contact with customers, so make sure the color scheme is portraying the message one intends to send about the company. Choosing the appropriate WordPress template is extremely important because it sets the tone for the entire venture.With the help of a Radio Station WordPress template that is congruent with your thematic ideas, you can make the right impact. Designing in pixels for Desktop and Mobile only is also the past, as more and more gadgets can open up a website. For example having width of 100% and Max width of 1000px would mean that content will fill the screen, but don't go over 1000px. Often people start from both ends at once, so really, go and see what works better for you. Although they will look stunning, remember that each will be downloaded and the more you'll have, the longer it will take to load the page.

Having a great website that looks good is a starting point but having a website that is effective and making your money is totally another thing.
These elements help to bring your potential customer into your sales funnel and can create on going marketing opportunities if done correctly.
Other features used for effects are CSS filters (depth of field), an animated gradient, and integration with the Edge Web Fonts service. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Cookies. Therefore, let's clarify some basic principles of responsive web design here to embrace the fluid web, instead of fighting it. So making something 50% wide means it will always take half of the screen (or viewport, which is the size of the opened browser window).
System fonts on the other hand are lightning fast, except when the user doesn't have it locally, it will fall back to a default font. For bitmaps use a jpg, png or a gif, for vectors the best choice would be a SVG or an icon font.
We have heard it time and time again from business owners how they have a beautiful site but get no real business from it. Fill out the form to left on this page and let us know you would like to talk about your website and how you can turn it into a cash machine.
The entire project is also responsive to different screen sizes since it's using a percentage-based layout. In addition to a scalable stage, it features dynamic symbols, fonts from the Edge Web Fonts service, some code, and timeline choreography. The theme allows you to enjoy music, schedule your events, lookup for images and videos while navigating on the site.SoundcheckView DemoSoundcheck is an ideal theme for musicians, artists, DJ’s or anyone who wish to integrate the audio content in their website. To keep it simple we'll focus on layouts (yes, responsive goes way deeper than that and if you want to learn more this is a good start). But use them with caution – it can get messy quickly when it's difficult to understand what is influencing what. You can easily manage your own site and the theme is social media friendly as well.WHITE AND BLACK MUSIC PORTAL WORDPRESS THEMEView DemoThis WordPress theme is designed to be of great use to all those who wish to incorporate music in their web pages. It has a stylish layout and a number of exciting features, with a bold and eye catching visual design that can attract the attention of music lovers across the globe.REPLAYView DemoReplay is a premium responsive WordPress theme that is absolutely perfect for radio stations, musicians and record labels. Packed with a considerable number of very powerful features and tools, this theme makes all music related activity- buying, selling and listening- easier and more fun.

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