MC Hammer is actually known best for his series of poor business decisions (example basically blowing all of his money keeping an large entourage 200+, and a touring staff of something like 50 dancers… the entertainment industry equivalent of magic beans), but at one point he had sold over 50 million records worldwide and was making up to $35 million a year. To me though the most interesting part of MC Hammer’s story was way in the beginning, long before his $15 million dollar house with a swimming pool built in the shape of trousers. Hammer knew that if  he wanted to scale his business up though he would need to have access to a larger distribution channel. What the record labels failed to realize was that MC Hammer was selling a ridiculous amount of records out of the trunk of his car (estimated around 60,000). Money Women and BrainsBusiness Brain Marketing for WomenAre you deciding on the wrong business goals for 2014? My mind was focused elsewhere, but I let myself be distracted by a quick webinar from Jo Barnes who is a prominent online marketer. As you reach the end of your business year, you’ll be thinking of your 2014 business goals.

It’s like Monday morning quarter-backing to see if you could have done anything different to get a better result. By being honest with herself about what she feels she did and did not do in 2013, allows Jo to more clearly decide on her 2014 goals, as well as, making her business even more successful. Credit where credit is due, Hammer was legitimately good at making money (alas, not saving it). Hammer got his start by convincing dance clubs to let him and his dancers perform songs from his records live in the club. Be so prepared that you know more about what the negotiation will look like than anyone else participating in it. This will give you the clarity to decide which goals will bring you the most success in 2014. Capitol records later came back to the table with $1.5 million as an advance and a multi-record deal.

Each shows a decision to put time and energy elsewhere, and that’s not to say, those decisions didn’t produce results or increase income.
The spectacle was such a big deal that everyone in the clubs would clammer to buy his records that day. Standard practice at this point was to find the talent before anyone else did and have them sign off on contracts that were not in their favor. Basically, take advantage of naive artists before they knew any better and cash in on their success. The record labels were the ones that were going to make you famous though- for many people trading all their cash to be famous was worth it.

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