Financial literacy may not immediately come to mind when parents think of essential skills for students, but what children know about money at a young age can shape the way they manage money in adulthood. Edutainment–one of the key personal finance instruction tactics that Visa uses to reach people of all ages–is an innovative learning method that strikes a balance between education and entertainment. Play the market: The Stock Market Game is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students grades 4-12 in the world of economics, investing and personal finance, and has prepared 15 million students for financially independent futures.
Make it comical: Visa recently teamed up with Marvel Custom Solutions to create a Guardians of the Galaxy comic that promotes saving and smart spending and introduces young children to the difference between wants and needs.
Bring it to life: Jump$tart Clearinghouse offers a variety of games and resources that demonstrate how money skills transfer to real life. Bottom line: It’s important to teach your children about finance, and edutainment is both an effective and engaging way to do so. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. This is the classic approach for people who want to take a lot of risk in the hope of making a killing.
The smart investor is the one who can always bounce back in case things do not go well in the investment he or she has committed capital. A Name You Can TrustIn these times of market uncertainty like we face today, individual investors need professional guidance more than ever. Especially for US companies, the first place that comes to mind when choosing a location for expanding warehousing and distribution within Canada is Toronto. When taking a look at Canadian warehousing and fulfillment, businesses should look at the various population centers throughout Canada.
In order to cut down transit times and shipping costs for individual orders, Ottawa offers a distinct advantage.
Whether you’re looking to open your own warehouse or use an outsourced warehousing solution, taking a look at the costs can be eye opening.
One factor to keep in mind when gauging a potential warehouse location within Canada is the language and cultural challenges that exist in Montreal. Bottom line – it’s important to take a thorough look before leaping into Toronto as a choice for warehousing and distribution within Western Canada. In fact, a 2015 study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) found that credit scores among young adults improved in states with mandatory financial education.
So how do we close the gap between what American students currently know about money and what they need to know? Students can learn financial lessons without feeling like they’re studying, and edutainment can help them retain the information better.

The website features World of Cents, a child-friendly game for ages 5 and up designed to help teach the value of money through the concepts of earning, saving and spending money, while incorporating basic math concepts.
The comic, “Rocket’s Powerful Plan,” features an exciting storyline where saving money in an emergency fund is crucial to helping the Super Heroes. Children are challenged to plan their budgets, stretch their money, and be financially responsible. Use these summer months to teach your children important basic personal finance skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. Having said this, it is also true that people who take a lot of risk may get huge profits for daring to invest in ventures other people were scared to undertake. In the developing economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America, there is big money to be made. Whether you're new to penny stocks or a seasoned veteran, you'll find all the information you will need right here!
More importantly, they need advice from a reputable information source that they can trust. After all Toronto, some would argue, is the largest, most popular and well known city within Canada. According to City Population, in 2014 the top six largest cities were as follows: Toronto 6,055,724, Montreal 4,027,121, Vancouver 2,470,289, Calgary 1,406,721, Edmonton 1,328,290 and Ottawa 1,318,122.
The nation’s capital rests a mere 2 hours drive from Montreal (198 km) and only 4 hours from Toronto (449 km). Looking at the consumer price index as well as rental rates in the various areas will offer a snapshot of the potential costs in that area. Because it is both an English and French speaking area, companies will have to come up with a game plan to be able to take advantage of the French speaking population. According to a 2013 study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, students who played educational games in addition to the standard curriculum performed better on tests than students who didn’t. Visa’s Practical Money Skills initiative has developed a game, Peter Pig’s Money Counter, which helps children improve basic financial skills such as sorting and counting coins to learn their monetary value. Dynamic animation and catchy songs help children learn basic financial facts while having fun. If your children are fans of Rocket, Groot and Ant-Man, they’re bound to love this comic featuring the same iconic characters.
This is basically true but then, most people are conservative in nature and so they tend to avoid taking unnecessary risks because they prefer safe and small profits.
On the other hand, the classic quality of high risk investments is that the investor will rush into a deal without verifying certain claims in the hope of making big money.

But assuming that Toronto is the best location for all companies would be making a huge assumption – and one that could cost your business both money and opportunity. The number one city on this list may not be a surprise, however, the number two and six largest cities on the list bring up some interesting thoughts, especially for people in the United States. Because of its strategic location, in instances where companies are trying to ship to all of the Western Canadian cities and not Toronto alone, a central point of distribution can prove to be very beneficial. For example, Ottawa Logistics has both English and French speaking staff, which helps its US and Canadian customers take advantage of this powerful market. However, after looking at some of the above thoughts and examples, it becomes clear that other options might prove to be more beneficial, such as the central city of Ottawa. The free game is available online, as an Android app and from Visa’s Practical Money Skills website.
Search for clips on YouTube or pop in a DVD to teach your children these important and practical lessons in a fun and memorable way. The individual who is really keen on taking great risks can do so but even at that, there are basic rules for people who want to try an innovative approach to investing. The smart investor who has strong links to government officials can make huge profit with the support of key political figures. Sign up TODAY and join the vast amount of investors already benefiting from the best free alerts from StockRunway's service today! In the event that the bad times continue for months or years, the investor may get wiped out. If a new leader gets into the saddle, the investor will lose a lot of money and may even get into trouble for being a friend of the opposition.
On the other hand, if the oil deposits do exist, the investor will make incredible sums of money.
These are some classic features of high risk investments as well as the two sides of the coin. Second, a surprisingly high number of people live in the nation’s capital of Ottawa – a place that just so happens to rest geographically between the top two cities on the list. These estimates of cost and price will translate into higher warehousing and labor costs in Toronto than Ottawa.

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