This weekend I’m off to the City of Gold to catch Ben Howard live in concert at Zoo Lake, lucky me.
I saw them perform at Live – The Venue and loved their fresh guitar hooks and tight drum sound. You can expect; so many laughs you will come close to exhausting your lifetime allotment, a relaxed atmosphere, a wide selection of premium craft beer and a superb end to a stressful week. You’re going to want to catch this amazing blues rock show if you’re missing out on Ben Howard. Last but most certainly not least, is Taste of Durban, the absolute top of the pops food event on the Durban food calendar.
This weekend Suncoast Casino is set to be transformed into a foodie paradise for three whole days of the very best that Durban has to offer with regard to eating, drinking and entertainment.
In addition to this, the event will play host to a wide range of boutique exhibitors, artisan producers, premium drink brands and award-winning wineries. I don’t need the media or the government to tell me that the economy is heading south. For about ten years, I’ve been collecting my aluminum cans and taking them to the scrap heap for recycling once a month. Having been doing this for many years, I can tell when the economy is going down simply by looking at the crowds at the metal recycler. If you listen closely to the chatter in the lines, it also changes with the economic times. If the suits in Washington really want to know how our economy is doing, I’d encourage them to visit their local scrap heap on a Saturday and take in all the people bringing in metal to sell.
I have a rental house that is getting renovated; I ordered PVC pipe for the downspouts because aluminum ones will walk away. Thanks for your comment, if anything, the images seem distracting and take away from the articles. Anyone who clicks on a hot chick link to learn about internet marketing probably needs to go back to surfing for porn. Sometimes, people aiming for higher, more civilized standards in both business and in life CAN make changes happen by walking into the situation. Good post, and I agree with your sentiments, especially the bit about if you were posting pics of men in speedos hehe.
No You are not overreacting and I find this attitude very disgusting even if I’m a man because women are not babydolls only from my point of view. It’s all about choosing your market and then advertising to that market and getting their attention. Sex sells and if their posts don’t have any information value, why not distract the reader with some hot chicks? It comes pre-installed with a range of popular apps, including Angry Birds, Kindle reader, TuneinRadio, Facebook, Twitter, DropBox, Soundhound, Jango and IMDB.The Colpad promises to be extremely user-friendly even if you are not used to touch screen devices.

Stormers coach Robbie Fleck admitted his charges were beaten by a better side in their derby against the Lions on Saturday. Though a relatively new outfit they have already supported Gangs of Ballet, and performed alongside American Authors and Prime Circle at Parklife Festival. His friends in this amazing collaboration are Albert Frost, an incredibly talented guitarist, Dave Ferguson, beat-box and loop star of Lonesome and local Durban legend rocker, Brad Klynsmith of Gangs of Ballet fame. Eight of the city’s latest, greatest and hottest restaurants will dish up their finest dishes in starter-sized portions for a decadent alfresco feast. This past Saturday it took me an hour and forty-five minutes to drop off my cans and collect my cash. When times are good, people don’t need the money as badly so they find other ways to offload their metal. When times are good, the lines are filled mostly with contractors offloading their metal trash.
When times are good, people are talking about going to lunch after they drop their stuff off, or they’re planning the rest of their day.
Visit often enough, through good times and bad, and you can begin to gauge the economic health of the USA. If I was posting men in speedos every other post, I’d have to imagine I may lose some readers. I know I am less likely to to go to a blog for advice on making money that is covered with pictures of half clad women. You can stand back and let these uncivilized bloggers shoot themselves in the foot, as they are clearly declaring that their intended audience does not include you or any other woman or man who finds a disrespectful attitude towards human beings to be unacceptable.
Walk away from it shaking your head, hopefully back to the decent people with whom you’ve surrounded yourself, or, confront the blogger and explain exactly why their content is offensive to you. I would be pretty annoyed with the pics like that and frankly, I wouldn’t go back to these sites. They have also recently returned from the UK, having performed at The Great Escape Music Festival in Brighton.
You can expect to sample food from such illustrious chefs as Rutger Eisvogel (Greedy Buddah), Steven Kruger (Beluga), Graham Nielsen (Boiler Room Cafe), and Justin Oliver (Cafe Vigour).
I do something good for the environment, and the metal recycler pays me per pound of aluminum I bring in. You don’t need a bunch of charts or graphs or earnings reports to see how the economy is doing. It’s kind of offensive for readers trying to learn about the latest plugin or the newest affiliate program, and have a huge picture of an almost naked woman posing at the beach. I lost a read over the mention of adult images, how would it effect readers by actually posting them? I would be less likely to take them seriously and I think that most women would feel the same way.

Tablets of all different sizes and models have burst onto the scene.Obviously it started with the iPad. The copyright in the literary and artistic works contained in this online news publication and its other related and connected websites, belongs exclusively to Ole! That single fact tells me more than the media, the government, or the banks, with all their charts and indicators, ever can about our economic times right now. However, when times start turning bad, the lines suddenly fill with guys in suits bringing in old lawnmowers, housewives and kids bringing in cans, and just about every other race or socioeconomic group you can name bringing in everything from old bikes to cars. But when times turn bad, you find people talking about where they found their cans or who they know that has some metal to sell. So they should stop treated the blogging world as made up of men that want their advice with a sideshow. It might make them think twice about whether they want to publish hurtful or unsavory content. In fact any one for that matter.Then for an extra R300 you can get yourself a keyboard case and stylus. However, if you have old appliances, air conditioners, cars or other large metal objects to get rid of, you can make a pretty penny. But if the pic is one of the main reasons someone accessed the site, how long will they spend reading the content?
Now you can’t beat that.Perfect for those who just want to access their email, browse the web.
The reproduction of any content or material contained in this online news publication is expressly reserved to the publisher, Ole! But when times turn bad and people need money quickly, that metal suddenly becomes very valuable. Reliance on the information contained in the online news publications and other related content published on this website is done at your own risk and subject to our "terms and conditions". Whatever the story, the scrap heap becomes the great equalizer, a place where bad times can be shared.
It’s perfect and cheap.Remember you can win a weeks worth of free ad space just for commenting.
TabletWorld, a division of LuckyMobile, launched the Colpad, the cheapest, full-featured tablet computer in South Africa, with a price tag of just R999.
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