The outdoors allows so many opportunities for easy and fun games, you will hardly have to plan or buy a thing. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite game ideas for you here! If you have a large garden, or are planning to have the party in an open area like a park, then make an obstacle course! Pennywize endeavours to provide you with simple DIY solutions and intelligent tools to help you on your way to financial freedom. If you have invited a lot of kids, then scale back on costs even more by making it a relay race. Ask every kid in their invitation to bring their favourite wheels to the party and try to stock a few extras for kids that may not be able to bring. Designate two of the older or taller kids to hold up each end of the pole.  Starting at a fairly easy height, encourage the kids to get under the pole doing a back-bend without touching it. If you want to add to the activity, then you could give each team some paints to decorate their sack before the race begins – this will get messy though, so be ready for it!

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Depending on the age of the kids, add more or less curves to the course, and also add in stations where they have to stop and perform small tasks before they can carry on.
To add to the atmosphere you can have Jamaican or Hawaiian music playing in the background, or any fun music. While you’re on the Hawaiian theme, you could also stage a hula dance competition for the kids, they’ll love it!

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