This post is going to shed some light on how to actually make a buck off of that website that up until now has just been a big cash suck. So grab a cup of coffee (or hard liquor if you are the sensitive type) and settle in for a nice rant on why so many cleaning companies websites suck and how YOU and YOUR WEBSITE can suck no more!! BONUS LOVIN: Any time you write (or speak), count how many times you say things like “I” or “we” versus “YOU”. Notice this isn’t just another blog on websites- it is specifically written to you fine people- owners of cleaning companies.
The best way to segment your customers is to have multiple sites each one speaking to a very specific customer. Who do you think is going to get the bid- a general cleaning company or someone that specializes in million dollar home maintenance?? If you aren’t willing to make multiple websites for each segment you serve (or want to serve), at the very least make a page within your site speaking to each. Now that you see the value in talking to prospects about their specific hopes dreams and fears- how do you keep the conversation going? Just about every cleaning company owner thinks that as long as their website “looks good” and has a “Get a Quote” button they are covered.
Not only will the emails provide lots of education and content (all of which will position you as the ONLY choice in your market), it will continue putting an offer for more free value in the form of a free site audit, where you will go to their building and let them know how your company can benefit them in exchange for sweet sweet money.
The fact that it is a bit of work to set up actually benefits you as your competition is almost certainly NOT providing this level of service and education. What if the visitor doesn’t take advantage of your kind offer to give them fantastic info for the low low price of their email address? Nice job on staying with me- this is where we turn all of these fine concepts into your next customer. Now that you are speaking to your visitor and you have a plan to capture his or her information and continue the conversation both via email and the magic of retargeting, you can spend money to get people to your cleaning companies website.
In this scenario, you could spend $300, $400 even $500 to acquire this customer and it would be a profitable endeavor.
If only 30% download your lead magnet, you have just acquired 30 pretty interested leads for just $500.
You can even upload your best 100 customers and prospects and Facebook will make a “lookalike” audience that matches your ideal audience’s likes, demographics and more. So, just in case your head is spinning, here is a nice little summary to make you feel warm and fuzzy and make sure you take these concepts and put em to work in your business!

ConceptDraw PRO is the best program to create flowcharts allows you create professional looking flowcharts. Use ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and business graphics software to draw your own business process flowcharts. It allows companies to be more effective in timely messaging thanks to the ability for rapid response to a customer?s post in social media. The answer to that question, as is usually the case when it comes to responsive design problems, is a bit of creativity and media queries. Responsive Logos is a site showing a proof-of-concept of how designers can make logos responsive. Head over to the site and resize your browser window to see the logos of household brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and Walt Disney responsively change depending on the current size of your browser.
The logo file type used in the proof-of-concept is SVG, a web image format that’s ideal for vector graphics.
What I observed is that, part of these three (2) logos were not visible or rather were trimmed off: they appeared as COCA, and WALT.
BUT… you’re also probably the proud (not for long) owner of a cleaning company website that is NOT making you any money!! I can speak directly and specifically to your exact needs and frustrations, you in turn are compelled to give me copious amounts of money to help you grow your business.
Now that you are armed with the yummy client getting goodness of this blog, this creates a tremendous opportunity for you! A new customer is the goal and prospects stopping by your website is just a piece of your client acquisition plan. You are going to offer to send this lead magnet to your web visitor in exchange for his or her email address. Using Facebook, you can put what’s called a “pixel” on your website that tags visitors to your site. To make my life easy and avoid any real math, let’s say that you make 50% margin on that customer which would be $3,000. If only 33% of the people who download your lead magnet invite you to give them a bid, you just got 10 bids at $50 each, close only 2-3 and you are way ahead of the game. I do a great podcast on how to get traffic to your cleaning company website- check it out HERE for free right now! The software delivers built-in object libraries with vector stencils that allows you to use RapidDraw technology.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face with regards to the technique is this: How can their designs be responsive without affecting the brand’s visual identity?
Notice how, for example, the Coke logo is responsive without impacting the company’s brand recognizability. CSS media queries are used at four breakpoints in order to help determine which size of the logo should be presented to the user. I have a floating header so when you scroll down it will make the header smaller… but am not using CSS3 so would this make a difference?
I unanimously agree with you and I can confidently predict that so many corporate identities will start calling logo designers for a re-brand or re-creation of their already existing logos. Have you seen any effective responsive logos (on non-white headers) which have more than 2 colors?
Which do you think is more appealing to the owner of a multi million dollar homeowner in Los Angeles?? Your current plan might be something along the lines of hoping they come to your website and call.
Gather your absolute best stuff and package it into a book, ebook, report, consumer buyers guide, or Top 10 Things you MUST Know Before Hiring a Cleaner. Once you have this email address you will follow up with a series of emails continuing to provide massive value to your prospect over the next 60 days.
You may have dabbled in paid traffic before and not had any luck, but I am willing to bet that was before you read this article and your site was guilty of the #1 and #2 reason your cleaning company website isn’t making any money. When it comes to responsive design, what really changes is the shape and size, which in theory could be decoupled easily with the background and foreground colors. The return on investment for these ads is excellent since they have already shown an interest in what your company offers. If you want my best stuff- sign up for “5 Ways to DOUBLE Your Cleaning Company” Here and I will hook you up!! Flowcharts solutionis a powerful tool that extends ConceptDraw application for drawing business flowcharts.

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