We started our journey in 2009 with one mission; to make cute paper crafting projects that everyone can enjoy and also afford. Flat plastic Pawn Rings fit on the Standard Pawns to change the value of a pawn during a game. Looking for individual packages of game pieces in your choice of styles, colors, and numbers?
Select from our 3 pawn styles, all the listed colors, with or without dice of any color, and we will package them in zippered plastic bags, whether it's 1 bag or 10,000.
Classic sand timers for creating your own games, replacing missing timers, or even for that 3-minute egg you love for breakfast.
To help you create your perfect board game, we have collected various game pieces from this page into three ready-to-go Board Game Kits. The classical designs from the Chinese game of mahjong (mah jongg, mahjongg) are incised on ivory-colored resin and colored in red, green, and black. Colors: Medium Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Ivory, Grey, Green, Orange, Black, White, Pink with Black Dots. A bag of 40+ pieces from games like Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble, Lego, Boggle, dominoes, dice, card games, checkers, chess, and othello.

40+ cards from games like Uno, Balderdash, Channel Surfing, Scruples, Sting, and many Trivial Pursuit editions - Baby Boomer, Genus, Silver Screen, Disney, Junior, and Genus II among others.
Summer is a great time to encourage the entrepreneur in every child!  Whether it’s setting up a lemonade stand or learning how to save, Zoodles has tracked down some fun ways for you and your child to learn about money together. Go classic with a lemonade stand, host a car wash, create your own inventions, bake cookies, or have a yard sale!
Mother: Why did you just swallow the money I gave you?    Son: You said it was my lunch money! The pledge should be something simple but beneficial to your child, like wearing a pedometer and tracking the number of steps per day, counting the number of hours your child spends reading, or the number of hours they spend off the TV! Shortly after our launch, we discovered a love for party printables and began offering invitations and party decorations for kids.
For a fancy image with the pawns on a mirror, click here The gold and silver are NOT metallic, but have swirls of color. We have the perfect set of pieces: 4 plastic pawns (red, blue, green, yellow) or 6 pawns (red, blue, green, yellow, black, white), both with or without 2 ivory dice. Sturdy white cardstock, ready for your clues, trivia questions, or whatever your game needs.

Use permanent markers or blank labels or stickers to create your own system for your game or lessons.
The dots are white except on clear, white, ivory, orange, and the new pink which have black. Recently, we ventured into the stationery business and began selling rubber stamps, stickers and various supplies. Use them alone as a small counter or place marker, or work them into your jewelry, collage, or other crafts. Available as bags of assorted colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, white, black. As we look into the paper possibilities in the future, we like to reflect on the following: Be original.

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