This document describes how to set up and use a XAMPP package for Textpattern development on a Windows machine (all things working optimally).
Warning: Using a local install of XAMPP as a production server with access to the Internet is a very bad idea (unless you simply enjoy endless fighting with people trying to hack into your system).
Go to the Apache Friends download page for XAMPP for Windows, and decide whether you're going to use the regular zip package or the 7-zip executable. You'll either see a quick indication of OK!, or you'll see details about a corrupt file (or more). The shell approach has the advantage of providing useful error messages should there be any problems trying to get XAMPP operational, and being that you are using Winblows, well, enough said. The Control Panel approach is simply easier to use, especially if your used to using a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Go into the root xampp folder and make a shortcut copy of the xampp-control.exe file, then drag it to your desktop. Alternatively--or in addition to--you can pin the control panel link to your start menu items by right clicking the file in the xampp folder (or right click the shortcut icon on the desktop), and click the "pin to start menu" option.
Before doing anything, ensure that nothing is automatically set to run as a service, you'll need to check in two places. What you can now do while your sitting in phpMyAdmin (but only if your ready because you can always come back later if you want to) is create the databases your going to need for your anticipated Textpattern sites.
There's really only one modification you need to make to the configuration file to get XAMPP up and running with Textpattern. Important Note: Every time you make a change to a XAMPP component, particularly the config files, you must restart XAMPP each time or the change will not have affect. You only have to make this change if you plan on running your development sites in a directory other than xampps htdocs folder (C:\xampp\htdocs\). In the httpd-conf file (C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd-conf), line 498, if there is an octothorpe (#) at the beginning of the line starting with "Include", be sure to remove it if you want the VirtualHost Containers include to work. The last VirtualHost block is a representative one for whatever container you might like to make. We are not done yet, to make these containers work, you must also make some edits in your Windows hosts file.
Because working with non registered domains would result in a DNS conflic, you also need to add corresponding lines to your Windows hosts file for each VirtualHost container you defined above.
Scroll to the bottom of the file, where you should see notes about what to do, but basically for each site you defined in a VirtualHost container you begin with the local IP, add a space or tab, and then the local domains you defined.
Before you install Textpattern at your local development locations, you need to first create your databases, and if you want to test email features of a Textpattern site, you'll need to have at least Mercury mail working too. For each database you need you first type the name in the Create database: field, then from the Collation drop down select utf-8_unicode_ci, and then click the Create button. Start mercury mailserver from the XAMPP control, the settings are documented under the splash screen mercury side link. After downloading the files, exact source code of Magento and put to PHP folder (www on appserv or wamp, htdocs on xampp).
Select “I agree to the above terms and conditions” and “Continue” to proceed to next step where we can config locale, timezone and default currency.
Magento use many tables to index data from different tables, this helps increase website speed.

Magento use many types of cache to increase load speed as well as reduce the number of database queries, so it’s essential to refresh these caches every time we make change.
You’ve just go through the steps of installing a Magento site on Localhost Xampp, I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Brian is a freelance Magento developer with 5 years of experience with customizing Magento extensions, magento themes. Below are some noticeable specifications and features which you’ll experience after installing it. Most useful application in a field of practicing management of medical and electronic health records.
It is always free and open source software which can be used on differents platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems etc.
OpenEMR can track patients demographics and also it can make a schedule for a specific patient. This is important because XAMPP is made available as a download from a number of different mirror sites around the world.
We'll finish these instructions assuming the 7-zip executable, but you can follow the same methods described for the regular zip package too.
If corrupt, repeat steps 2, 3, and 5 above but be sure to use a different mirror site to get the XAMPP package. Instead, minimize the shell window and let it sit idle in the background until you are ready to shut XAMPP down. However, as mentioned, you do not get any helpful error messages should there be any problems. It's time to make sure Apache and MySQL are working, because just turning XAMPP on and off doesn't make it so yet. If you use the shell approach, you'll be given some warning signs if there are any problems at this point. You don't need to install Textpattern yet (and you shouldn't) nor import any .sql dump files, but you can at least get your databases created now so they are ready for use later. Textpattern relies on some rewrite rules externally through a .htaccess file, so we have to make sure the rewrite module is on.
This is referred to as uncommenting the line, and it effectively turns on the rewrite module. It used to be that you added the VirtualHost Containers to the bottom of the httpd-conf file itself. If you don't plan on using VirtualHost Containers, add the octothorpe (#) to the beginning of line 498 to comment it out or you might run into troubles later.
You only need to declare the NameVirtualHost once, which is your local IP running on Port 80, and you add the line at the top of it all. In reality you might have many more blocks like this (one for each Textpattern site in development), with the various lines edited to respectively reflect each site. Therefore, every time data in main table changes, we need to reindex data for indexer table.
You can also click here for more Magento tutorial for beginners, if you have any problems with the installation, drop a comment here and I will help you with every issue. Another feature of this application is, it has search tool which you can use to search different drugs online.

Both are the same thing, but the latter is self-extracting and the file size is much smaller so it downloads quicker. ColdFusion Server, IIS Server, etc.), you will not be able to launch XAMPP after installing it due to a port-binding conflict.
Also keep in mind that a local install of XAMPP does not emulate a live server environement, but rather is simply a good, quick, and easy solution for designers to develop quietly. This involves extra steps but they're potentially worth it, and we'll cover them in these instructions.
Generally these mirror sites are safe, but you never really know for sure unless you do a MD5 checksum on the dowloaded package to ensure package entegrity. Be sure your using the "Basic Package" options (the stable options) and not the Developer package.
If you need English, look for and click the English link in the left column (near the bottom). If you do not, and you do not share your computer with innocent derelicts, then you do not have to worry about setting passwords for your MySQL database (among other worries), nor for the other various security warning signs that XAMPP will give you.
If you get to phpMyAdmin, congratulations -- your installation of XAMPP is apparently working as it should. Explaining how to use phpMyAdmin is out of scope for this document; you're on your own there. You could copy this block and paste it again for each new VirtualHost you needed to create.
That just leaves "pathto" which will be the directory in the C:\ drive that holds your Textpattern sites outside of XAMPPs default htdocs working directory (as shown in the default VirtualHost container). Your development domain is now like a subdomain of your live site; pretty convenient, isn't it? We are not focusing on the installer version for two reasons: First, the installer version installs files into the Windows registry, a place people generally don't like to mess around with.
If your project involves integrating other applications into Textpattern, you may run into problems (out of scope here); however, most third-party Textpattern plugins work fine (none have been discovered--or announced--yet that do not).
Note this also automatically turns off the running Apache and MySQL processes in the Control Panel too. However, it doesn't hurt to give a password to your MySQL database anyway, as it will be more intuitive later when you have to account for this in your Textpattern config files. Some like to replace pathto with "www", "sites", "web", "dev" and so forth, but what if you want to work with other CMS systems besides Textpattern.
Also, it is very simple and easy to use and with the use of this software, you can track patient’s demographics which has primary info about patients like Name, Date Of Birth and Gender etc. In exclusion, This electronic health recording application is very useful and easy to use and manageable. IIS Server is often a common culprit because it's already a part of your PC; so if you have a port-binding conflict, see if you need to disable IIS Server on your system.
Then you might want to create directories for them accordingly to keep your various system projects separate and easy to manage.

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