Making the Carnival Wedding Tickets was a little bit fiddly, but it's definitely do-able, even if you're not a professional graphic designer.
First of all I downloaded a free printable of a carnival ticket invitation that best resembled the look I wanted.
I needed to print nearly 50 invitations, and I wanted them to be about 2" by 4" - so it made sense to print about 12 per A4 page. Updated daily & brimming with wedding ideas and inspiration, Before the Big Day is the best wedding blog for couples looking to make their big day stand out from the crowd. I found this amazing template from The Burk Family Blog via Pinterest {right click, Save As onto your Desktop}.

Picasa is great for this, because it enables you to create text boxes on pictures, which you can position wherever you want. First of all I tried the Picasa collage function, but they didn't fit properly, so instead I opened Word and fiddled with the Insert a Picture function for a good long while. To find your own template, the best search to use is 'free printables' and then any other key word. Luckily Magic Jelly blog had pulled this fantastic selection together, and I chose Big Top.
Eventually I managed to get them to fit, although I had to thin the borders, and make sure the Print function didn't add them back in.

Picasa is a free programme, which you can download from the internet, and it's seriously easy to use. It took a few practice prints on plain paper, but eventually I won, and printed them out on 220gsm red card {not too thick for my printer, but not too thin either}. Just drag them into the Fonts folder (find it via the search in the top right hand corner of your screen), and they'll appear in your software programmes.

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