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Ice dams may seem harmless at first, but they are known to cause thousands of dollars in roof leaks, structural  damages and repairs of your home. This Ice Dams Prevention Guide will help you identify Ice Dams and eliminate either sources of the problem (preferred method, though not always feasible) or the effects, which are just as dangerous for you home. Additionally, you may see many roofs in New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, as well as other parts of the country with 2 x 2 feet aluminum pans locked together along the eaves of the roof. As ice dams become larger, and more melted snow water runs down the roof, it hits the already large ice dams and can not go down any more. Even if you have a very well insulated attic, which blocks most of the warm air from escaping your living space, still, some warm air will escape into the attic.
In many cases however having a ventilation system is not an option due to many reasons, such as financial constraints or building limitations.
In the case of low slope roofs, builders and roofers not only need to solve the ventilation problems, but they also have to make sure that there are no leaks caused by the air vents. Additionally, asphalt shingles are often used on low slope roofs, which is blunt ignorance on the part of homeowners, who did not do the due diligence, and hired a roofing contractor to install such a roof, as well as homeowner abuse by shady roofing contractors, who do not let their client know that the roof they are about to install violates manufacturers installation guidelines and annuls the warranty on the roof.
In many cases, homeowners with low sloped roofs, turn to heated electric cables to melt the ice dams.

First, just a reminder that ice dams are caused by hot air escaping your living space and lack of adequate ventilation. Heat cables melt ice dams along the eaves, but there are still ice dams forming just above the effective range of heat cables, so your ice dam leaks now occur high up the roof slope, affecting more insulation and aggravating the problem even more. Although it is best to eliminate the source of the problem – heat loss and improper ventilation, it is not always a viable option for many homeowners, and another solution is required. Metal roofs are designed to eliminated all damages associated with ice dams, by preventing the water from traveling upward.
In fact, due to their smooth surface, metal roofs shed ice and snow, which comes down like an avalanche. For low slope roofs, we install an IB roofing system, which features hot-air welded seams to prevent water from entering the roof, and is perfect for residential low sloped roofing, as it comes with an asphalt shingle pattern to give it an architectural look and design.
To properly ventilate a low slope roof, we’ve created a special assembly method, which allows the installation of ridge vent, and eliminates associated roof leaks.
In conclusion, I will once again mention that it is best to go to the source of the problem and fix as much ventilation and insulation as you can.
If you live anywhere in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut, contact us to get a free roofing price quote and schedule a roof inspection and estimate to install a lifetime flat IB roof or a beautiful metal roof.
Flat Roof repair guide, which includes cost estimates for basic and advanced repairs, as well as what you can expect and how to choose a roofing contractor to fix your roof. The use of icynene on the attic floor to completely air seal is a good idea and should be the first step. Perhaps a little more research and a little less selling is warranted in your blog posting. This is a great article for me to bring to customer’s to help explain the ice dam issue. So far in the article and comments all that I have seen is to “insulate the attic and provide better attic ventilation”. Adding to the attic insulation in a home with minimum standard insulation is only marginally effective in keeping the attic cooler (e.g. I do want to say though that there are numerous houses with non standard design, that no matter how much insulation you stuff them with, it will not solve the ice dams. Another example, is the second image in this article, where you see ice belt at the bottom of the low section, but ice dams and leaks came in, where roof changes slope to steep. When I saw this article today in my e-mail, I forwarded it to the roofer, & will meet with the homeowner tomorrow. Heat from the sun warms the air within the attic, which becomes less dense as it heats up, and, therefore, rises toward the peak of the attic. In other words, there is a convective air loop, with a steady stream of cooler air coming in at the soffits to replace the warmer air which is being exhausted at the ridge. Basically, if you have enough intake through the soffits, and a decent ridge vent, your roof should be ventilated just fine without the need to use any static or power vents. Good day, I was researching ice daming for work and as someone who has had the problem over the winter I found the info to be very informative.
Some roof installation work may be undertaken by our independent partners, who are also licensed and certified to install IB Roof Systems, and Metal Roofs in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. If you have the pasion, love what you are doing, and product GREAT content you will be successful. Small developers unable to negotiate their own licenses with the labels, but who nonetheless wish to integrate full-track playback into their apps, face a stark choice. From FAQs to concerts, it’s understandable why people are willing to pay to see their idols. Walker may not be a YouTube star today, but he is on his way and maybe in a couple years he’ll be making hundreds of thousands of dollars too. Well, one salon owner informs us that “Virgin hair can be waxed so successfully that growth can be permanently stopped in just 2 to 6 sessions. Though it might seem like the film has had a tough road getting on the big screen, star Ryan Reynolds says the production happened the right way and is allowing them more freedom.“It’s been a long time, but it’s happened in the right way and that’s all that matters,” Reynolds tells MTV.
Ice Dams are a sign of heat loss in the attic, and this lost heat is money you throw out the window. The can also create dangerous mold growth, which can cause or aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases.  Fighting ice dams can be costly, and you also need to know how to approach the problem to make your efforts more efficient so that you can permanently eliminate them. These metal sheets are installed so that ice formations would slide off, and ice dams would not build up. When it snows outside, a thick layer of snow settles on the roof, and the warm air from the attic slowly melts the snow. This is where you need a working ventilation system, which will vent most of the warm air from the attic and will create temperature parity between outside and inside the attic.
For example, if a home was build with insulation stuffed between the roof rafters, but the the builder did not install baffles, which would create an air pocket to allow the flow of air.
In the case of hip roofs, you could get away with static box vents or power vents with a thermostat.
Unfortunately, too many builders and roofers do not include any ventilation on a low slope roof, as it is easier for them to avoid potential leaks. Most low slope and flat roofing systems are designed to have their seams put together with glues and adhesives, ranging from solvent based seam lap adhesives used with EPDM black rubber to Tar and roof cement used with asphalt and modified bitumen roofs.
By definition, a low slope roof has a pitch pf less than 3, while ALL shingles manufacturers require at least a pitch of 3 to install their asphalt shingles product.
Despite common opinion that heat cables solve ice dam problems, it could not be further from truth.
As mentioned before, soffit and ridge vent system is most effective, and does not cost a lot if you are having a new roof installed.

Be it a standing seam metal roof or an interlocking shingles system, Ice formations may occur, but the design of the roof will not let the melting water rise and penetrate the roof surface.
To prevent this snow from damaging things below and falling on someone’s head, special Snow Guards must be used, which you can see in the image above. You can also use our online roofing price calculator to estimate your roof replacement costs and annual energy savings. How do you propose to solve the issues of temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing and the effects of solar gain on the roof. Idea is the same as with salt boxes (blocked ventilation at the pitch change, and actually complete lace of ventilation at eaves and the ridge. Not only that the water can leak inside the house and cause water damage that could be weighted in thousands of dollars.
I had a new asphalt shingle roof installed about 5 years ago with the rubber barrier and ridge vent.
The first thing to do when you have an ice dam is to open a channel in the ice to drain away the water and stop leaks into the house.
It is a forum with many knowledgeable and responsible roofing contractors, and I’m a frequent contributor there, under nic-name LAMetalRoof. They can either integrate YouTube videos for free (Discovr), or integrate a subscription service that limits non-subscriber listens to 30 seconds (MusicMapper). In the United States, however, Facebook users overwhelmingly prefer YouTube for embedding music, as any U.S.
So children’s bodies have to look sexy, but they are not allowed to share this sexiness with anyone else in any way. Ben Allen of Santa Monica and Richard Pan of Sacramento helped pursue a vote rigging agenda to replace seats on the committee with pro-vaccine industry sellouts. This may work for steep roofs, but on a low slope, the ice dams can form in the center of the roof as there is not enough pitch for water to run off. Melted snow begins to run down the roof toward the eaves, which are usually colder than the rest of roof surface.
While installing a good ventilation system on a new construction home is easy, some of the older homes were designed to have no ventilation at all, or optionally were build with two gable vents that are usually two 12 x 18 inches openings at the peak of the gable-side walls. For example, a ridge vent on a low pitch roof will allow the wind driven water to enter the attic. Du to the nature of adhesives, these roofs are prone to develop leaks, as adhesives break down with time and weather affecting their longevity. You can also add it to an existing roof, but make sure there are appropriate conditions for adequate air circulation.
This clearance is more than sufficient to prevent any water from entering your house through the ridge vent. Most slat-box homes will have ice dams, and that is where you need actual elimination of leaks. The only way we could solve those leaks was by installing a PVC membrane (yes, other types would also work – but we install PVC). Last year we added a sun room of the back of the house (we have a ranch style house) where the roof meets from the house to the sun room (on both sides) I get ice dams. A refillable snow melt sock or ice melt sock thrown on the roof and pulled into place will open a channel in minutes. Of course, this situation can be fixed, but it would cost a lot of money and many homeowners are unwilling to spend that much. Ice Dams only speed up the process, as the ice melting and re-freezing process expands the gaps between the seams. At the same time, you incur ever increasing energy expenses, while the problem not only remains there, but becomes worse.
Do NOT mix different ventilation systems – if you do so, there is a good chance that one system will minimize the effects of the other, therefore your ventilation will stop working. Yes, eliminating heat loss is great, but in most cases is not enough, or cannot be accomplished. You gotta have faith in the people you’re working with, and have faith in the prep, and that’s all I’m doing.
As more and more water melts at the top of the roof and freezes at the bottom, ice dams grow to a thickness of over 4-5 inches.
This can create warranty problems with the shingle manufacturer and moisture problems that can lead to mold issues. Venting is a minor player in ice dam prevention but is necessary for heat and moisture management. It will air seal the attic, add insulation to current standards and prevent ice dams very effectively. There is no science to suggest that a flat roof with conventional soffit and ridge venting moves much air.
For passive venting to work, you need a difference in temperature combined with a difference in height. You also show a power vent which seems to suggest you are recommending this as an alternative venting solution to ice damming. I should go home and scan the old hard drive and see what I’ve got in there.”Tim Miller is set to direct the film from a script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.
Power venting in the winter without completely air sealing the attic will only pull moist, conditioned air into the attic and can create moisture problems from condensation.

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