Players from Method Of Destruction corporation became the first to prove just how dangerous it can be to transport PLEX in a ship’s cargo hold. EVE players are suggesting that CCP Games, maker of EVE Online, donate the value of all destroyed PLEX to a charity, similar to a drive the game maker mounted earlier this year that raised $40,000 for earthquake relief in Haiti.
The delicate subject of Real Money Trading just won't go away for CCP Games as EVE Online players attempt to emulate the activities of the profit-making "partner" organisation.
The ongoing "scandal" of EVE Online developer CCP Games' apparent support of a third-party player organisation, SOMERblink, making a real-world profit from in-game activity (albeit indirectly through gambling), has seen a rash of players attempting to do the same by various means, including offering their in-game currency as a bonus for following their affiliate link to an official Electronic Time Code (ETC) reseller.

At the core of the issue is EVE Online's End User Licence Agreement (EULA), which does not allow Real Money Trading (RMT).
GameSkinny has approached CCP Games for clarification on the matter, but no official response has yet been forthcoming; however, members of the player-run Council of Stellar Management have offered assurances that the matter is being addressed internally. Meanwhile, the community dissent continues, largely beyond the forums as discussion of RMT is against EVE Online's forum rules. What this means is that all resellers have 10 days to make sure anyone in an affiliate program is not doing the SOMER ISK for GTC sales scheme.

GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! However, there are claims that this rule has been undermined or ignored by CCP's own decision to support SOMERblink's activities.

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