As the global demand for solar energy continues to grow while the industry is facing downward pricing pressure, reduced subsidies, and solar trade tensions, it becomes increasingly important for PV manufacturers to achieve further cost reductions and improved cell efficiency. Eliminating up to 80% of the expensive silver paste used in the traditional cells and modules, leading to cost reduction. Flexible grid that eliminates silver bus bars: a plated copper grid is attached to the segmented fingers on the top of the solar cell.
Reducing shading by bus bars and increasing electrical connections on the surface of the cell  lead to increased cell efficiency and increased power output (by 3-5% compared to standard module). Improving the interconnection between cells by eliminating the need for stringing and tabbing of the old technology, providing highly flexible and durable way to connect cells while eliminating the bus bar tabs of traditional cells. The flexible tabs at the end of each grid solve the problem generally associated with breakage of modules during transport resulting from metal fatigue when ribbons break due to dynamic loading conditions during shipping.
GTAT is already working with select customers to implement Merlin, involving custom-made copper meshes soldered on to PV cells instead of bus bars.
To determine how much, on the average, solar radiation may be available annually, we simply multiply the amount of   solar radiation or energy is available daily by 365.
In Photoshop CS, Adobe added a feature to put type on a path or into a shape within Photoshop. Quick trips to the historic settlement of Jamestown are popular amongst Virginia Beach vacationers.

GTAT accomplishes this by introducing the innovative metallization & cell interconnect technology (Merlin Advanced Metallization Technology) that transforms the solar module into a less expensive, more efficient panel that is easier to install. The combination of segmented fingers and flexible grid makes it easier to move current off the cell. Cells can therefore be connected closer together, allowing a smaller and more flexible module than the conventional module. GTAT will produce and sell customized copper meshes to customers, and expects to reach a production capacity of 100 MW annually by the end of 2014. Prior to Photoshop CS, users had to switch over to Illustrator or another program for this kind of text control. The process is essentially the same as creating type on a path but instead of clicking the cursor on the outside of the path, you will move the cursor inside the path and click when it changes to an I-beam with a dotted circle around it.All of the type tools work with type on a path or type in a shape.
In early 2015, it will begin to offer a wire attachment tool to customers, which will replace the tabbing stringer.
The company’s products and services accelerate the adoption of new advanced materials that improve performance and lower the cost of manufacturing. May 12, 2016 susannunamakerJapanese Yamakura Dam Will Soon Have World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm, in 2018!
Besides being a handy feature to have, this should make a lot of Photoshop users more comfortable using the Pen tool.To put text on a path, you first need a path, obviously.

You text is fully editable and though it may appear jagged on-screen, it will print just fine. Director of Marketing Jeff Nestel-Patt, and Vice President of Sales Andrew Barta) from GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) at San Francisco, CA, during InterSolar North America 2014, on July 9, 2014,overlooking the Yerba Buena Gardens on top of Moscone North. Orders may be taken in last quarter of 2014, so in 2015, solar PV module makers will be able to work with this new technology to replace silver bus bars with a customizable copper mesh, reducing silver usage, increasing power output, and allowing lighter modules to be transported and installed. To edit your text, double click the T icon for the type layer in the layers palette and use any of the editing functions in the option bar, character palette or paragraph palette. You can even warp text on a path or in a shape, but both the type and the path will be warped. Well, you do have to click the commit button to accept the text.To manipulate the type on a path, switch to the direct selection tool or the path selection tool.

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