For privacy, the High Resolution and PSD versions of this collage are only available to the owner. As I prepare to pack up my home of the past 10 years, I have something I want to share with you. At the beginning of 2012 I committed to a photo a day project with (surprise!) my little girl as the subject. Now, of course you can make a number photo collage with any size photos and they certainly don’t have to be Instagram prints.
The templates were designed based on using square 3×3 photo prints… the perfect size for all of your Instagram photos!
You will need blank wall space (or a large sheet of paper or poster board) of at least 45 inches high and 27 inches wide to properly display your single-digit number. After your event, place your photos onto pages of an album as you take them off of the wall. There is a downloadable file in this post that lays out what the 4 will look like on your wall and tells you how many photos you’ll need. I know this was a post a while back now but I absolutely love this idea for an 18th present for my best friend. Thank you for this idea I just did number 1 for my daughter bday I wish I saw your site when my son turn 1.. Now, obviously Pi is an extremely long number.  Feel free to use as many numbers as you would like on your collage. IF WE HELPED YOU WITH THIS CRAFT, PLEASE HELP US AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS USING THE SHARE BUTTONS BELOW!
Make digital picture collages - There are several ways to create a picture collage with your pictures, such as doing it yourself from scratch with Photoshop (which obviously requires certain Photoshop knowledge) or with more specific collage-oriented tools like the picture collage maker for mac - PicCollage.
This mac picture collage maker enables you to turn your ordinary into cool digital picture collages with almost no effort. Here I will show you the overview of creating a collage with the picture collage maker for mac . To make clear of creating a collage, I will give the specific tips and steps how to use the picture collage maker for to create a picture collage.
First of all, start creating a collage by picking a template when you run PicCollage, or you can anytime switch to any of collage template from the 7 templates - Free Style, Grid, Classic, Heart, shape, irregular and stitch.
There's no end to make a personalize digital picture collage - you can adjust the photo number, several ways to change background, add text, apply shadow .

Have you ever seen those cool collages that are constructed from hundreds or thousands of individual photos? Using your own personal images, the software will automatically place them into any shape you want.
I want to show you the shared room that I put together for my baby boy and 5 year old girl. I know I’m not the only one here, but sometimes I feel like I might be annoying even my most loyal Instagram followers. Instagram became my tool of choice to share my photographic journey with my friends and family. While planning the decor for my little girl’s second birthday party I came accross an idea on Pinterest (a whole different addiction story) about making a number photo collage for a birthday or anniversary.
I have been doing lots of looking around to find unique ideas and I just want to let you know I love this idea! I would like to make this for my daughters 2nd birthday party at the end of April, however, I don’t have the room to make it that large.
Without starting from scratch, the simplest way to make it smaller would be to use a smaller photo to create the same shapes. Subscribe to receive free, periodic e-mails with real party details, diy ideas, recipes, and more!
Needn't any complicated picture collage maker tools or professional skill, anyone can master to create a picture collage on Mac. Take a moment to look at the steps, and get started creating your own digital picture collages. You'll be able to preview your collage before you finish and, of course, there is a online help file in case you get stuck. You will find all happy time come back clearly again and make you feel warm in the deep heart.
Well, a free piece of software called Shape Collage will allow you to make your very own photo collage using your own images as the building blocks. You can make your photo collage into a wide number of different shapes (check out a sampling here) – either pre-set shapes in the program or ones you hand draw yourself in the program using your mouse. From there, you can do anything with it – print it out, use it for a mug or greeting card, calendar or poster. He has been covering the photographic world for the past ten years for a variety of publications including PDN, This Week in Consumer Electronics and Digital Photographer.

So I actually charted out the shape of a number 2 and calculated how many 3×3 prints it would take to complete.
Just be sure to test it out on a discreet part of your wall before trying it out in a more obvious area. I love this concept but don’t know what the shape should be- I am working on the size of the photos now, just unsure of how many I would need and the layout. I was wondering if you could help me, I would like to do exactly this but on something that has a hard back so eg cardboard cut out in the size and shape then the pictures glued on?
We all take photos for certain occasions, such as birthday, wedding, graduation, or other holidays to remember happy moments. Every time you look at the stunning digital picture collages, you can feel life is as beautiful and easy as these photos show.
Shape Collage lets you adjust the collage size, the size of the individual photos, the number of photos you want in there and the amount of space between them. If you want to make more fine-grained edits, you can save the collage as a PSD file so you can edit it some more in Adobe Photoshop. The end result of the project was a book containing all 366 photos, and its amazing to see my daughter’s growth and development unfold through those images. There’s also a free Facebook application so you can post your finished collages on the social networking site. As it turns out, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the printer that I used, but Mom*Tog has a great write up about several printing options. This free file is available to download and includes numbers 0-9 charted out for you to duplicate with square 3×3 photos on your wall!
Don't you want something interesting, like make photo birthday card, Christmas card, or turning them into personalized collage? But I gave that up and surrendered to the fact that I can’t help it… the girl is cute! I hope you get to use this project for your next birthday or anniversary party and love the results.

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