In our experience and research, an undervalued and underappreciated employee is more likely to leave than someone who feels underpaid or overworked. Noted MIT professor Daniel Ariely has conducted a variety of studies on workplace behavior. The Study: Ariely gave study participants — students at MIT — a piece of paper filled with random letters, and asked them to find pairs of identical letters. The Results: People whose work was shredded needed twice as much money as those whose work was acknowledged in order to keep doing the task. In Ariely’s own words, “Ignoring the performance of people is almost as bad as shredding their effort before their eyes”.
There’s no arguing that people don’t work hard to get their bonuses, such as those in the banking sector, but as this experiment demonstrates, there is power in acknowledgment. In the absence of a salary, it is of course important to find other ways of motivating people, and a wide range of options have been used in volunteer recognition programs. Employee recognition methods should of course be tailored to the type of company and the personality of the employee.
The key thing to remember is that special rewards are less effective if they’re given out of habit: they should represent an honest reaction to a great piece of work.
Establishing an effective recognition program – whether expected or not – will mean that people get rewarded based on a great performance, and not necessarily because it’s their turn.
Making even a small investment of time and energy into appreciating your team can save you thousands of dollars in churn-related losses.
David Hassell is a serial entrepreneur and presently Founder & CEO of 15Five, a SaaS company focused on helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential. Commercial security needs vary greatly depending on the type of business you own or mange and it’s size and location. In some cases the actual physical security is of less concern than inventory protection and loss prevention. If physical security is your concern, Laymen’s Tactical can help you put a plan in place to keep your employees safe from threats. As an extension of our physical security assessment, we can also provide a breach assessment of your property and network. Clarity also prevents you from wasting money in pursuing a weak case, or maybe mistakenly walking out of your job. Knowing where you stand also clarifies when it is time to settle and put the issue behind you. So that you can then make a smart, well informed decision about bringing a claim against your employer. The likelihood is that whatever problem you face I have come across it before in the not too distant past. My fee is surprisingly competitive, and I try to keep it at my standard consultation fee: €95.

You can also pay online by bank transfer; email me if you want to do it this way and I will email you the bank details. Because we’re  solicitors and members of the Law Society of Ireland, we must carry professional indemnity insurance.
In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. Customers receive discounts on on future purchases driving them back to your company for continual purchases. Understanding how to improve customer satisfaction can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Increase customer retention with REAL VALUE building incentives that are easy to use, instant and used in store!
Customers receive their gift vouchers via Australia Post certified mail ensuring 100% delivery. 30% of customers have a family member who will make a purchase in the next 90 days, plus customers are 4 x more likely to buy when referred by a friend. The online system ensures quick and simple redemption of referrals, plus the inbuilt dashboard and reporting allows you to monitor program results, ROI and staff effectiveness. People in the second group, whose work was saved but ignored, needed almost as much money as people whose work was shredded.
Managers who are looking for ways to motivate don’t always have to look towards money or tangible rewards.
So why, then, do some of the most successful organizations invest a great deal of energy and resources into volunteer recognition? Thank you letters, visits by senior management, quirky gifts including personalized cookbooks, flowers and even potted thyme plants are all ideas for letting a volunteer know they’re appreciated. Just like how nonprofits acknowledge their volunteer’s efforts, your business or startup can do the same. Employee of the week or month schemes don’t work, for instance, because it’s often a matter of simply waiting your turn, and often there’s a lack of real thought behind it.
Not only do underappreciated employees often want more in terms of pay and benefits, they cost more if and when they leave. A large manufacturing company has very different needs than a small retail business in a strip mall. Show your customers and your employees how serious you are about making customers happy by offering them a gift on completition. For any rewards program to offer you real value it must encourage customers to come back and spend money with your business. With rewards given to both sides and "No catches" you cant help but increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. What gets rewarded gets done, so start growing referrals today by rewarding your customers.

So if you care about your bottom line, we’re here to tell you that making people feel like they matter, really matters. People in the first group wrote their names on their sheets and handed them to the experimenter, who looked it over and said “Great” before putting it in a pile. Conditioning people to work harder for compensation can run your business into troubles as it will cost more and more to bring out better work.
While an outsiders perspective may see this as a manager picking favorites, the overall benefits in a rise of team morale and decrease in employee costs from well-deserved recognition, will be more than worth it. As leadership advisor Mike Myatt explains, he has found that two of the top ten reasons that employees quit organizations is because employers failed to care or recognize their efforts. Our experience in law enforcement, the military and the private protection industry make us uniquely suited to identify your needs. Many of them have a very long list of services they provide and we are able to sort through that to get you the services that you need, not what they can sell you.
Save yourself from losing great talent, spending to combat turnover and unnecessary stress by just investing a small amount of energy and time into appreciating your employees. People in the second group didn’t write down their names, and the experimenter put their sheets in a pile without looking at them. Studies have shown that if volunteers feel recognized and appreciated, they will happily continue to donate their time with no expectation of compensation. Avoid the cost of recruiting, hiring and training with a classic high five, a good ol’ “thank you” and a thoughtful gesture for a job well done. We have partnered with an IT company, licensed private investigators and a medical training group to help build and implement a plan to keep your business and employees safe. Some of the decisions that you made could be the cause of your business losing money every month if you haven’t put the proper safe guards in place.
We are more than happy to review your procedures and your current loss prevention and inventory control programs to insure that you are keeping all the money your business is making.
Do you have employees that are medically trained to help deal with a mass casualty incident? We take privacy and security very seriously and are diligent to destroy any personal or proprietary information uncovered by our intelligence gathering process.
A simple plan of action can mean the difference in loss of life and a threat being stopped before it even gets in the building.
We can identify vulnerable areas, help you prioritize threats, and give you a plan of action to reduce your liability.
Our assessment will be customized to your business, property and your individual situation based on the needs of your business.

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