When I started looking into their program, I got over whelmed, it was like oh my, building websites, I can’t build websites, this is way out of my league, I have no experience. How many times have you tried finding the right online jobs and got disappointed, because it was a waste of your time? It is so easy to take the fall and believe what you are being told, because you want it to be the truth and you ignore the red flags. I started watching the videos, and some I watched over, and I took their lessons one step at a time. It’s now 2016 and I am running 2 business websites, made new friends and having so much fun. Ok if you are still reading with me and didn’t get bored, then stop browsing online and give WA a chance. Your website is inviting and you have all the right articles for the person who is looking to better themselves financially.

Hi Vanja, thank you for the nice comment, it’s really does help to have it read by someone else.
Wealthy affiliate is definitely no scam and it is very good opportunity to make money online.
People are all about looking out for themselves and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. It does take a lot of work and times it can get overwhelming, but I asked for help and I get the help and also got some cheering up by my fellow members. First I would like YOU to do your own research and then tell me what your thought is on WA.
Unfortunately, online offers get a bad reputation and perhaps we as online marketers ought to use this as an opportunity to create and develop an extensive relationship with our referrals.
I enjoyed your write up from the beginning to the end, maybe because it was similar to my search for online job too.

I joined because it was 100% money back guaranteed if they couldn’t find an online job for you within 30 days. I was finding the same things, surveys or pay so much for membership to get started and promised thousands of dollars. I tried survey but a total waste of time, but until I came across Wealthy Affiliate which set me to the right path of online success. Anyway, I wish you success with Wealthy Affiliate and yes, it’s a great community to be part of!

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