In as little as one coaching session, your clients can be purchasing your products or services from your webpage or email with a credit card, debit card, bank account or their own Paypal balance. Install Buy Now and Donation buttons and make it easy for your customers to pay you online.
Shopping cart functionality allows your customers to browse your selection and buy multiple items from your website. Set up Subscription and Recurring Payments so that your customers can order and pay for ongoing service or product subscriptions quickly and securely. Offer your products and services at an offline workshop or event and then process your customer’s credit card transactions with Virtual Terminal.
Point your customers to a customized Thank You webpage after their transaction is complete. And a very cool side effect our clients report after installing their first Paypal button is that their business feels real to them in a brand new way, because now they can officially begin receiving money for their products or services.
Your client needs an email address, Paypal account, preferably connected to a bank account or credit card OR just a credit card.
Your client receives an email with the invoice and a link to Paypal where they can instantly pay the invoice with their Paypal credit or, if they dont have a Paypal account, they can use their credit card to pay. In return, you will receive an email confirming the transaction, you’re good to go and send the order out to the client by courier or postal service.

Although receiving money is free with Paypal, there is a 3.5% transaction fee if you want to transfer your Paypal funds to your regular bank account. Using Paypal is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started receiving money on the internet.
You then easily transfer those funds into your own bank account that you set up when you start your Paypal Account.
Save frequently used invoices as a template for easy invoicing in as little as three steps. For example, offer a payment plan for larger priced items or automatically bill a client on the 1st of each month. Even if you are contemplating needing a more sophisticated shopping cart service down the road, having a Paypal account is a smart decision for any one doing business on the web today. This will be linked to your Paypal account to verify you’re an actual person, and for security reasons.
Since Canadian banking isn’t the most progressive in the world, it can be stressful to get that order out the door.
Send!Once sent, my wife (the recipient!) got a notification from PayPal (not Discover) on the transfer.
Checkout my post for a more detailed review of Money Messenger.Do you have a creative way of sending money to your spouse?

Funny thing is I have used paypal for years now but never considered using it for transferring money between family. One of the clever ways with which you can use this card!Protection against theft or damage on your purchases for 3 months (90 days)Frequent travelers will love this one!
I know that Chase also lets you send money through email if both parties have Chase accounts but it typically takes about 3 days for the exchange. In fact, I’m not even sure whether my bank has that option, but it sounds like the best bet. Funny how complex it has become just to give money to your spouse, but keeping separate accounts makes it much easier to track spending and avoid overdrafts.
Only the payee needs to have one.Jeffrey TrullSeptember 27, 2011I do have a Discover card, so this will come in handy! I know that I’m still paying 1% even for the personal PayPal transfer simply because I am in Canada.

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