Migraine-inducing backgrounds, fonts you have to squint to read, flashing glittering boxes, animated widgets galore . Your blog design should illuminate and enhance the message you are trying to convey to your readers; this includes the way your blog is laid out, the graphics, the fonts, and the color scheme.
Be consistent with the use of fonts.  Try not to use more than one or two fonts within your website, three at the most.
Be sure to check what your blog looks like on a variety of devices, screen sizes, browsers, and operating systems.
Do not be tempted to continually test and use the latest cool blogging format and presentation. Finally, if you have not had your blog design objectively evaluated, find successful bloggers or designers and ask them to give you their cold, hard, and blunt opinion about your blog. In the same manner, find or hire a professional writer and have them read a few of your posts and give you feedback. If you want it, you also get a FREE BLOG personally set up, feature-loaded, and configured by Brent using his 15 years of blogging experience. For 10+ years, people have enjoyed my ebooks and received my messages with exclusive online business and blogging tips.
Using PayOOm Dashboard is like a Kids play, this guide will make you an expert within minutes.
Upon logging into the interface, you will land on the “Dashboard” (as seen above) where you have a ready overview of all the vital statistics and can navigate to all of the relevant functions. The Quick Stats panel provides you with a brief overview of all of the offers you are promoting over the last seven days. The Recent Notifications panel provides you with a list of the five most recent notifications. The Featured Offers panel provides you with a scrolling marquee of relevant offers that are available from the network for the promotion. The Performance panel provides you with an interactive graph of the data provided in the “Quick Stats” panel over the last seven days.
On the left hand side of the window you will find the navigation menu where you can access all of the functionalities provided in the affiliate interface. By clicking on “Dashboard” you will automatically be directed to the same dashboard you see when you log into the affiliate interface.

The Reports category contains four different types of reports:“Performance”, “Conversion”, “Referral” and “Saved” reports. Referral Report – The referral report tracks commisions generated from your referred users.
The Search Offers field allows you to quickly search for any offer within your network using any identifier that is relevant to your search.
When you click on the person icon, a drop down menu will be revealed consisting of “My Account”, “Contact Support” and “Logout”. My Account: Allows you to modify your account details as well as manage the users for the account. Contact Support: When you click on “Contact Support” you will be automatically redirected to your email program to compose an email to our outstanding support team. Logout: As the term implies, by clicking on “Logout” you will be logging yourself out of the affiliate interface. When you click on the envelope icon, you will be directed to your Inbox where you can view and manage all of your notifications.
When you click on the credit card icon, you will be directed to the built-in billing system. You do not have to go out and buy all those things, just ask your friends or colleagues if you can check out what your blog looks like on their device. You should not be.  Find a proven designer and ask them to critique your blog design, layout, and use of colors, fonts, and images. You may have to invest in professional editing help for a period of time as you strengthen your writing muscles, but it is worth every penny. Over 400 big pages packed with tips, tricks, instruction and lessons learned from 15+ of blogging and being online. The stats in this panel show both the totals for each statistic as well as the change of each stat relative to the totals for the previous seven days. By hovering your mouse over the data points on the graph (arranged by date), you can view the totals for impressions, clicks, conversions, and payout for multiple offers simultaneously.
Here you have the ability to render and view your performance statistics in a variety of manners. If you already know the best keyword related to a particular offer, this function is the fastest way to find and navigate to said offer.

Here you are greeted with an Overview of your account balance, payout to date and payout per year, followed by your Billing Details, a list of all your invoices to date and finally a list of all your payments to date.
You will know the right time for a complete redesign that will inject some new energy and life into your blog experience.
Your blog will live or die on the quality of your writing, and yet most bloggers will not spend a penny to improve their writing skills and they get offended if someone tells them they could improve.
If you benefitted from this post, would you be so kind to share this post with others by clicking one of the SHARE buttons? You can also view all of your notifications by clicking on the envelope icon in the top left corner which will take you to your Inbox where all of the notifications are kept. For a more in depth view, please navigate to “Performance Reports” under the “Reports” tab located in the navigation menu on the left hand side. This report is perhaps the most important functionality of the affiliate interface as it enables you to choose HOW you want to render your data, thereby giving you the power to analyze your data in new and meaningful ways. You can also modify which report parameters you would like to be displayed for your conversions.
If you need to further modify either the pixel tracking link or postback URL, simply click on said item and you will be redirected to its detail page where you can do so. Very often it will be the page that people bookmark the most and use when referring others to your blog. They may totally blister you but it is better that you hear the bad news from one professional now than have to discover it after two years of blogging failure.
INR 6706) as well as how that amount compares to the payout amount for the previous seven days (e.g. Blogging has been around for 10 or 15 years now and there is an endless selection of high-quality blog designs, clip-art, and stock images. And a little self-education on color schemes and design means anyone, no matter how novice, should have a decent-looking blog or website.

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