With it’s stunning scenery, fantastic climate, amazing people and unparalleled lifestyle, it really is a piece of heaven on earth. There is not a day goes by, when I don’t open the front door, look out over the fields to the sea and stand amazed at what is in front of me. Originally hailing from an over populated island, just off the French coast called England, it’s a far cry from the life I used to lead. Before we emigrated here, people had mentioned that New Zealand is a little like England was in the 1970’s. Even worse, all the Internet Service Providers are still stuck in the dark ages, offering limited bandwidth, so you really need to be careful about consumption. The knock on effect of all this (I am getting around to my point), is that New Zealand is absolutely light years behind the rest of the Western World when it comes to all things online and especially making money online. I am not being disrespectful, but I conservatively suggest that New Zealand is at least 5 years behind the UK that I left 3 years ago! Add to the mix the above mentioned bandwidth restrictions and the Internet has become more of an extravagance than a necessity. Those living here, know the saga only too well (unless they have been living under a rock), but for those that don’t, let’s say he has had an interesting ride!
Hand fitted with a silky pearwood body that recalls the glamorous low-output moving coil cartridges of analog’s past, Celebration commemorates Sumiko’s three decades designing and distributing the finest in phono cartridges. Beads of Courage® is a therapeutic programme that recognises the strength and courage of each child during cancer treatment and procedures. Beads of Courage is a unique programme designed to honour the challenging journey children take while receiving care for cancer. The Beads of Courage® programme helps children cope by decreasing their illness-related distress, increases the use of positive coping strategies, helps them to find meaning in their illness and helps to restore their sense of self through creativity. Each bead represents a treatment (for example chemotherapy, injections, scans); an experience (hair loss, isolation, fever) or a milestone (completion of treatment).
COURAGE BEADS: Given for acts of bravery or courage above what is accounted for within the programme beads.
BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT: Every time a child has a bone marrow transplant they receive an Act of Courage bead to mark this treatment milestone.

PARTNER IN COURAGE: These beads are given to the bone marrow donor if known to the child, this could be a parent or sibling but other times it could be another extended family member or a family friend.
BUTTERFLY BEADS: Beautiful butterfly shaped beads that are given to every parent who has experienced the loss of their child.
The Child Cancer Foundation also offers the Sibling Beads programme to provide special siblings the opportunity to earn beads by displaying positive behaviour and helpful attitudes to assist the family through the cancer journey.
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The dedicated website provides details of the spring ball and the money from each ticket can go directly to an individual school or you have the option to support both schools.
The covers band The Dozen will feature as the evening’s entertainment together with TV personality and DJ James Coleman who will be playing fine tunes during the evening to ensure a great night. Of course it does indeed exist here in New Zealand, but it’s painfully slow and somewhat limited, caused by the archaic copper wires feeding into the country to supply it. The government has recently issues an initiative for ultra fast broadband to be installed in major cities and schools, but that discounts a huge section of the population who live rurally. As a country perched on the edge of the world map, combined with such a small population (4.5 million people), the need to bring ultra fast fibre optic has been neglected.
The idea of investing any major percentage of already stretched marketing budgets on online marketing, is just foreign. We have people working with us from all corners of the globe and welcome you no matter where you are based. Using a blend of cutting edge materials and the tried and true, Celebration returns the excitement of analog’s glory days. These children collectively undergo an astounding 100,000 treatments and procedures each year. Each collection of beads symbolises the courage and honours the milestones achieved along the treatment path. The programme provides something tangible that a child can use to tell family and caregivers about their experience during treatment.

For example, on completion of 6-8 weeks of radiation therapy and to have mastered how to lie as still as possible, for learning how to take tablets or for letting the doctors and nurses carry out procedures that they really hate! The spring ball is to aid building projects that are on the horizon for both Westmere and Bayfield schools. Westmere School is rebuilding 80% of its school and money raised from the evening will go towards learning and play spaces for the children.
In many cases, the best that can be supplied is satellite and trust me, you don’t want to go there.
There are people all over the world setting up businesses from the comfort of their own homes and earning the kind of money that would make an English Premier League footballer show interest. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need the skills of an IT Network engineer, in many cases the ability to switch the computer on and operate a mouse is enough.
The mechanical foundation for the intricate workings is a unique machined alloy “cradle” into which the entire generating system of the cartridge is fitted, held in place with a single compression screw.
The beads also help explain to teachers and friends what has happened to them whilst they have been away from school. It is the first time the schools are teaming up to share resources and to make the spring ball evening a success, with both schools benefiting from the shared connections between parents. Bayfield School will use the money from the spring ball evening to enhance the classroom build project and also the school is in need of new furniture and equipment.
The major cities of Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Hamilton (temporarily excluding Christchurch due to the nightmare they lived through in early 2011) are just like any other first class city.
At the other end of the scale, the babyboomers and grandparents or simply anyone looking for additional income, full time or otherwise.
Within this structure, the magnet is mounted against a yoke that creates a linear, uniform density magnetic field completely surrounding the coil. Parents of younger children enrolled in the programme can use the beads in the future to explain to their child what they have been through.

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