Enlarging your "Jurassic Park" LEGO minifigures can be possible with LEGO Dimensions' new features. LEGO Dimensions' Toy Pad is giving gamers a new way to view the gameplay, as Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment revealed a feature that lets players shrink or super-size characters when necessary, reports say. The report said another LEGO Dimensions feature is for players to be able to combine seven characters, gadgets and vehicles in the game at one time.

Apart from the new LEGO Dimensions features, reports recently said Warnes Bros unveiled a Portal Level Pack, a Simpsons Level Pack with Home Simpson figurine, a Jurassic World Team pack with LEGO figures of Owen and LEGO ACU trooper figures.
LEGO Dimensions, along with the new features for gameplay, reportedly launches on September 29 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U. For best (professional) results, print your cards on coated inkjet paper or cardstock and set your printer to print at a highest quality setting.

Another LEGO Dimensions feature revealed are three distinct portions of RGB light technology that releases colors for hints to puzzles that players can solve.

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