When I got into the business of real estate investing just over 10 years ago (crazy how time flies), there were only a few prominent ways to make money in the business. Sure there were guys (and gals) on the fringes doing more exotic transactions, but no one, and I mean NO ONE was talking about foreclosures, or short sales, or lease options, or wholesaling lease options, or whole-tailing or…you name it.
Frankly – I used to get exhausted when I’d listen to guys talking about how they were crushing it with Sub-2’s or land trusts. Still, after all these years, if you look at the most successful real estate investors in the country, like Dominion’s own Fred Lewis, you’ll see that they all stay supremely focused on the tried and true methods of making money in real estate. I hate to burst your exotic passion-fruit (it was the most exotic fruit I could think of) flavored bubble, but the other methods mentioned above are simply ways to acquire deals.
I’ll admit – it’s not the most current report, but I hardly think the numbers have swung drastically in any particular direction since the report was released. With the implosion of the market in 2007, along came hundreds of institutional based investors with big, big pockets. If you’re a wholesaler – this is the kind of real estate data you should be looking for, right? One of the reasons for this shift in the Northeast could be that we got hit pretty hard by the real estate meltdown of 2007, but we didn’t get hit that hard.
If you’re a new investor or a grizzled veteran, we still believe that those who set up businesses that can operate with maximum speed and consistency will win. The Culture Ministry is investing Bt491 million in the world-standard National Artefacts Storage facility under construction in Pathum Thani. Thailand’s National Artefacts Storage facility, set to open in two years, will be fine-tuned with high technology to make it an archaeological study centre for all of Southeast Asia.
The Culture Ministry recently approved a Bt491.5-million budget for erecting the world-class storehouse in Pathum Thani's Klong Luang district. Construction is underway on the facility, at which artefacts will be kept in separate rooms according to material - stone, metal, paper, textiles, ceramic or leather.
Secure windows allowing in natural light to save energy without damaging the collection are part of the mainly concrete facility's "contemporary Thai" design.
Anan and his team have brushed up on their museum planning and management knowledge with the help of experts in Japan and Singapore.
They also toured the Osaka National Museum, and in Singapore visited the new Bt13.7-billion National Gallery, one of the biggest museums in Southeast Asia.
The new storehouse will be part of a 500-rai government compound that is already home to the Kanchanapisek National Museum and the Golden Jubilee Museum. To date the public has only had occasional, partial glimpses of what's in storage through exhibitions at department-run museums - chiefly the National Museum in Bangkok - at which the display items were alternated. In 2014 Culture Ministry Permanent Secretary Apinan Poshayananda organised the critically acclaimed show "Thai Charisma: Heritage + Creative Power" at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, where important Buddha statues and Tripitaka artefacts were set out alongside contemporary art. In November that year more than 500 artefacts smuggled out of Thailand in the 1970s were repatriated after being identified at a museum in Santa Ana, California, following a four-year undercover investigation. Users are solely responsible for their comments.We reserve the right to remove any comment and revoke posting rights for any reason withou prior notice. And if you don’t know anything at all about trading stocks online in Canada, the single best investment you can make is by reading the Money Sense Guide To The Perfect Portfolio. Buy ETFs in a Brokerage Account: If you want to be a little more hands on with your asset allocation then opening a brokerage account and buying ETFs is an easy next step. Use a Canadian Online Broker to Trade Stocks: Trading stocks in Canada is easy because there are a number of discount brokerages you can use. If you are interested in getting started trading online, specifically by opening a brokerage account, then please contact me. And by the way: If you find yourself short on stock ideas, sign up for email updates below to get exclusive trading ideas available only through email.
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If you want to make a lot of money in the stock market, the people to take advice from aren’t the finance gurus on TV or the people on Wall Street.
General Electric came in as the second most held stock (tied with P&G) among US Senators. Procter & Gamble holds the number two spot (tied with GE) as the most held stock among Senators in Congress.
The fourth most held stock by Senators is IBM with a total of 16 members having it as part of their stock portfolio. There are actually five stocks that all tie for the fifth place as the most held stocks by Senators, although the make-up of those holding them is quite different.

Exxon Mobil is also in a tie as the fifth most held stock by members of the Senate with15 members holding it. Microsoft stock is another of the five stocks that all tied for fifth place among the most popular stocks held by Senate members. Among those stocks tied in the fifth position is Chevron which has 15 Senators that own it.
The last of the five stocks which is tied in the fifth position of the most held stocks by members of the Senate is PepsiCowith 15 Senators. Rounding out the top ten most popular stocks among Senators are actually three stocks all tied at number 10. Another stock tied in the tenth position with 14 Senate members holding it is JP Morgan Chase.
The last of the stocks tied at number 10 on the list of most popular stocks among Senators is Intel. My politics are outside what appears to me to be a narrow American spectrum, but I do own, as individual stocks, PG, GE, IBM and JNJ. I wonder though how many US Senators own stock in companies with lucrative defense contractors… I used to have a list of publicly traded defense contractor companies but lost it, darn the luck. I’m having a hard time finding employment, but I heard that you can make money just by investing money. Ten years ago, if you were picking a real estate investing strategy, you were more than likely choosing to be a wholesaler, a rehabber or a landlord. They are ways to do a transaction, and admittedly ways of making money, but I’ll bet a fat payday on the fact that 100 years from now, guys will still be making money with the big three real estate investing strategies – while the others will become flavors of the day. Most were amassing staggering rental portfolios – but this report suggests that the “mom and pop,” investors are back on the rise!!! The little guys doing 0-1 flips per year are looking for rental deals by a factor of almost 2 to 1.
By in large, most investors right now are looking to grow a rental portfolio rather than flipping for retail. We’re also close to Washington, DC the epicenter of all real estate growth (right now at least). The Dominion School of Real Estate Mastery teaches new and veteran investors all the skills they need to succeed now and in the future as Real Estate Entrepreneurs. The Dominion School is open for business for Maryland real estate investors who want to learn how to flip like we do here at Dominion. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.
The four-storey structure will shelter more than 200,000 cultural relics over 30,000 square metres, protected by hi-tech humidity controls, handprint scanners and a fire-fighting system of the type found in the finest museums.
Another storeroom will hold the more than 3,500 pieces that the department has seized from smugglers in recent years, better enabling the investigation of criminal networks. Heavier artefacts will be displayed on the ground floor, lighter items on the upper levels. They learned about preserving archives at the Kyushu National Museum near Fukuoka, Japan, the first new national museum built in that country in more than a century and the first to focus on history over art. The Bangkok centre has had 60,000 pieces dating as far back 5,000 years squeezed into 8,000 square metres. Most originated from the five-millennia-old Ban Chiang civilisation, at what is now a Unesco World Heritage site in Udon Thani. They included pottery, tools and ornaments of earthenware, bronze, stone, glass and animal bones, in some cases believed to be in use as early as 1500 BC.
The only reason trading stocks online in Canada is tricky is because you don’t learn it in school. You can access this account through your regular online banking and you can transfer money in any time to buy your designated funds.
You can choose a discount Canadian online stock broker and then buy ETFs each month by transferring in money from your bank account via online bill payment.
If you’re in Canada, why not get more proactive with your money and trade your own stocks online.
I'm a value investor but, I use swing trading techniques to manage my position sizes and risk.
Nothing on this website is a recommendation to buy, sell or otherwise interact with any security. A total of 19 senators had investments in this stock which included 10 Democrats, 8 Republicans and 1 Independent. There were 18 senators in total who owned the stock with 8 being Democrats, 9 being Republicans with a single Independent.

The numbers exactly mirror those who also hold GE stock with 8 being Democrats, 9 being Republicans and a single Independent. This includes Johnson & Johnson which is held by 15 members (6 Democrats, 8 Republicans and 1 Independent).
There were 8 Democrats and 7 Republicans who held shares of Microsoft as part of their stock assets. Much like Bank of America, it’s split evenly (7 to 7) among Republicans and Democrats. There are 14 members of the Senate that hold this stock which includes 9 Democrats and 5 Republicans. Conversely, real estate investors who are doing multiple deals are generally looking to flip for retail. Admission to the school is by invitation and starts with a meeting between you, Jack BeVier and me. Scholars and casual visitors alike will be able to locate specific items through computer indexing. You can read it in an afternoon and it will give you a really digestible look at your investing options as a Canadian.
I think the best case scenario is to open a TFSA with TD and buy their e-series funds which are the lowest fee mutual fund in Canada (and note – you can only buy them online). For a complete terms of service please see the StockIdeas.org privacy policy and terms of use. The good news is that these government officials have to disclose which stocks they choose to invest in, but the bad news is that this information is dated. Bank of America is one that is split perfectly evenly among the members with 7 from each party holding the stock.
Investors who are flipping for retail in the Northeast edge out those who are looking for rentals by about 5%. China – the latest country in line to be the next United States, appears to be completely out of steam, the Fed is raising short-term borrowing rates, and we have a presidential election coming in November. At Dominion, we teach you how to get into the business, and more importantly we give you a strategic plan to get out so you can live the freedom you dream of. If you’re young I think the TFSA especially makes sense because you can defer your RRSP contributions to when they tax benefit will be higher.
If you sign up with Questrade (see below) they will let you buy the ETFs commission free, which is a hard value proposition to argue with. You can also open a practice stock trading account to get familiar with the ins-and-outs of trading stocks online in Canada. This is worth $50 and can go a long way in helping your online stock trading get started on a profitable foot. Still, even dated information can give you a glimpse at what type of companies that those in the US Congress choose to be part of their investment portfolio.
And there’s definitely something for everyone (no matter what your income or risk tolerance is).
This is still a buy and hold approach but gives you a bit more selection on what you want to invest in and you aren’t paying any fees to an adviser. The below information is from 2012 disclosures, the latest information currently available to the public according to OpenSecrets.org for the top 10 companies that members of the US Senate held.
Much of the negative reviews on the internet about Questrade are from people who are in over their head and needed more hand-holding. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. The fear is that the backlog will force refiners to dial back their demand for oil, deepening crude stockpiles.
Last week, money managers raised their short positions by the largest amount on records that go back to 2006, according to a Bloomberg analysis of Commodities Futures Trading Commission statistics. The Baker Hughes rig count rose last week for the fifth week in a row, a sign that American drillers have been emboldened to drill more. Oil prices infamously crashed to $26 in mid-February, setting off a global panic over the health of the economy.

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