Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Ibotta is very popular among couponers, but it’s a great way to save even more money each time you shop at the grocery store, without the hassle of coupons.
I’ve been a swagbucks mmeber for a few years now and have gotten so many gift cards from them.
EasyShift is only available to iPhone users and pays you for completing small tasks, or Shifts.
RedLaser is a cool app in that it can find you the best price around before you make that purchase. Target Cartwheel – This one only works at Target but it allows you to scan items to check for special offers.
In addition to SavingStar, I have several other grocery shopping apps on my phone that operate in the same manner. Mobee has more of a community-feel and you can participate in challenges to earn additional points.
GigWalk – Most of what has been available to me through the GigWalk app has been store audits paying around $10.
FieldAgent – This is a simple app that allows you to find and complete jobs from your smartphone. Rewardable – Take a pic or answer a few questions while doing your grocery shopping to earn a few extra bucks. Award Wallet – this nifty tool helps track those credit card rewards, frequent flyer miles and more.
Check out Clashot too – add pictures and get paid a commission when someone buys or a bonus when an expert likes one. If I told you that making money with your cell phone is easier than you think, your next question should be how? Solavei offers unlimited text, talk and web for $49 a month, with no contracts, no roaming and no credit checks. About UsRap RehabWe’re here to help you turn your music into self-sustaining streams of revenue. Whether you are an O2 customer or not, you can use O2 Recycle to make cash by recycling your unused mobile phones.
As well as guaranteeing top prices paid through their Top Price Promise; O2 Recycle offer a number of other reasons to use their service. Next you get a choice to either print a label and package the item yourself or you can select the option for O2 to send you a free postage pack. Before you send the phone to O2 make sure all data is deleted and it’s securely packaged. But some savvy people like Teresa Kannenberg are earning back some of those dollars by making money on their cellphone. We caught up with Kannenberg as she grabbed a shopping cart and headed into Target, where she planned to make some money. So clearly, it’s no secret you can make money using various apps on your smart phone, but knowing which apps that will work best for you will only help increase your earnings. We’ve found the top apps that will earn you cash, and organized them into categories so you can find exactly what apps will work for you. Favado : Favado helps shoppers stop overspending by notifying them when their favorite items are on sale.

Perk TV : Earn points you can then redeem for gift cards by playing trivia games like Disney, Family Guy, Food, Pop Culture, Movie Quotes & more! It’s one of the easiest ways to make extra money online and now, on your smart phone! You can earn money online by watching videos and leaving feedback, then, search Jingit in the app store on your phone and download the app. Ibotta works by giving you cash back on your favorite items that you already purchase, kind of like a coupon, but you can increase the amount by doing things like sharing the offer to others on Facebook, watching videos, taking polls, and more. One thing I really like about this app is that in addition to earning Kicks for checking in at say JCPenney, there may also be an in-store coupon available on the app that will earn me additional Kicks if I redeem it. Redeem your cash to a Jingit Visa debit card, bank account or purchase eGift Cards from Jingit partners. I love them because they offer Starbucks shops (I’ll happily allow them to help cut down that bill). I have passed on these so far as I much prefer “mystery shopper” activities as opposed to having to check-in with customer service to tell them what you are doing there, etc.
I live in rural Nebraska and there are shops and audits available to me in the city I get my groceries. I also recommend the following for staying in the know regarding your big picture financial plans. I use ibotta too but like you I always forget my receipts and the ones I have are extra long so I’ll make several attempts before getting it just right…who has time for that right? There’s the iPhone ($200, $300, $400), Samsung Galaxy S III ($200), Motorola RAZR MAXX ($300), HTC EVO 4G LTE ($200). Verizon Communications came in at fifth for top African American media advertisers for spending $26,385,212 in 2011, according to Nielsen. It bills itself as the first company to give it’s consumers and opportunity to earn income back by promoting the service.
From free conference calls to our emphasis on cost effective strategies, Rap Rehab is enhancing your knowledge and maximizing your value. I actually think anyone who has moved in the last year or so has a couple of boxes they never get around to unpacking.
Packs of playing cards, tea light candles, paperwork, a Take That DVD (not mine!) and a few music CDs.
You can also recycle gadgets such as sat navs, cameras and iPods using the O2 Recycle service as well.
If there is any damage, they will reduce the offered amount as set out by the grading chart above. Well if I was you, I would go find them old phones and gadgets hiding in the unpacked boxes or at the back of those chest of drawers in the bedroom.
As a bonus, you can use it to get cash back when shopping online as long as you have an account and go through their website. According to their website, Favado has money saving experts who hand select sales and coupons every week — in more than 65,000 grocery and drugstores nationwide.
Many people use the extra gift cards they earn from Swagbucks to pay for things like diapers, Christmas gifts, and more! Once you purchase the items, verify the purchase by scanning the barcode on your receipt and get the cash delivered to your paypal account. These SB will be deposited in your regular Swagbucks account that you can later redeem for cash by PayPal, gift cards or prizes. They call their savings eCoupons – and they look like coupons – but you are really getting cash back as opposed to saving at the register.

Those are the prices of the top four selling phones by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, the largest carries in the United States. Now though, almost a year later, I had found it and was going to try and turn it into cold hard cash using the O2 Recycle service. Once the phone is in the hands of O2 they will give it the once (or twice) over to make sure everything is working. At this point you have two days to accept their offer or decline it and have the phone sent back to you free of charge.
Another way to earn money while shopping is by uploading your reciept to the app by snapping a photo. Like the other apps that allow you to earn money, some reward you in gift cards or directly deposit money into your PayPal account.
I have 5 smart phone apps that you can use to make extra money in just a few minutes a day. You check into shows on your smart phone, and you earn a point for each minute that you watch. My goal is for this blog to help other mamas like me find balance in their lives and get one step closer to really having it all together. I LOVE sharing work at home jobs, home business ideas and my favorite pro blogging tips here on The Work at Home Wife. As of September 2012, 85 percent of American adults have a cell phone, and 45 percent have a smartphone, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report.
The average bill on an iPhone with all the bells, whistles and required data plans can run from $90-130 a month.
It was an IPhone 4 which was still in reasonable condition with the box, earphones and even a charger! The check-in only takes a few seconds, and you don’t have to keep the app open during the show or anything like that. Life is never perfect, but I'm a firm believer that we ourselves hold the keys to bliss and happiness in marriage, motherhood, life, and business.
You won’t make a killing here, but you could pick up a few extra bucks while running your usual errands. I can't wait to have you join my community of aspiring and successful work-from-home professionals.
With a network marketing model that pays you for sharing a service that  is on the T-Mobile network for just $49 a month, with no contract and unlimited voice, data and text.
Don’t forget to fill out the Extended Profile and accept the MSP Agreements for the companies you want to work with. I can just let it play while I’m doing other things around the house, and easily earn money that way.
There is no excuse for not knowing users of cell phones, America has over 330 million,” Greggs impressed with the residual income potential. You can also earn by taking surveys online, and searching the web both online and on your phone!

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