According to a published report on Wednesday, developers are making 5 times the money writing for iOS than Android on a per download basis.
When Apple released the last beta version of iOS 6, news broke that the native YouTube app had been removed. Today we updated the YouTube app on Xbox, making it up to 5X faster and adding channels with official music videos.
Every day my videos are watched by thousands of people, about a third of which do so on the iOS YouTube app or web app.
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Android may trump iOS in terms of market share, but when it comes to actually generating profits for developers, Apple’s mobile platform still stands supreme. According to recently tabulated data from app store analytics firm App Annie, apps downloaded on iOS generate far more revenue than those downloaded via Google Play.
This change should not be all that surprising, given that recent reports of record-breaking iPhone sales in China.
The fact that iOS generates more revenue than Android is all the more impressive when one considers just how many more app downloads the Google Play store has relative to Apple’s own App Store.

Indeed, app developers for quite some time now have indicated that iOS users are more likely to purchase apps than their Android counterparts. The data shows that Android is lagging badly behind its chief rival when it comes to in-app purchases, and in the aforementioned developer revenue per download metric. Xbox is the latest game console app bringing a full YouTube experience, following the launch this month of our PS3 app.
What’s more, with Apple continuing to make strong inroads in China, the revenue gap between the two rival mobile platforms is increasing. In urban areas, Apple accounted for 25% of smartphone sales in Q1 2015, according to Kantar’s data. This has real-world implications on the apps users have access to because developers with limited budgets will typically focus on developing for iOS first before turning their sites towards Android. Android phones average $250-$300 where iPhone average $600 – people who choose to spend the extra money are sending a signal about their intents. In mobile ad revenue, including ads and developer fees, the two platforms are much closer.A report on Tuesday said that ads on iOS are producing an 1800% better return than the same ads running on Android.
On top of that, note how Apple products are targeted for simpler users like children and grandparents, they would obviously get more revenue off ads from that category.

With this new app, viewers have an improved YouTube experience, and YouTube creators have a better platform to build audiences for their channels. When you watch an ad on one of my videos, you are directly helping me build the channel and make better content. And Apple had previously said that China had accounted for $16 billion in sales in the market, while its mobile operating system grew year-over-year at the expense of Android.
And if they decide not to support Android or support it second, then their users will gravitate to iPhone first, which becomes self-fulfilling. The Apple users outside those categories probably don't add to that statistic and Android is largely for the "not so simple" as Apple even puts it.
More importantly, perhaps, the number of first-time smartphone buyers in China who are selecting iPhone is still increasing.
Another report from analytical firm Flurry shows that iPhone users spend 19 cents on average for each app downloaded, a figure that reaches just 6 cents for Android users.

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