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Today I have a guest, Stephanie from Always Just a Mom, who will be sharing how our children can become financially responsible starting at a young age. Many of you know that we participated in FPU this summer and that I am co-coordinating a class right now. I LOVE THAT CHORE CHART… it would go so nicely with my brightly colored command center! Too many young men are starting their professional lives without a clue as to how to dress.
Young men are the future leaders of society, and dressing sharp is the first step towards becoming a professional.
The right clothing can give a young man precious seconds to make his case and influence others. Tradesmen, welders, carpenters, and construction workers must know that our clothing still matters as it introduces us and tells our story before we open our mouth.
Starting from the ground up, appropriate-fitting footwear is the first step to dressing sharp. A traditional school of thought that’s still alive and well claims you can judge a man by his shoes.
If you’ve never owned really good shoes before, brace yourself and get ready to pay a significant amount of money for well-made, classic footwear. You may be shocked at the sticker price for well-crafted shoes, but the quality and comfort pay dividends down the road. A good pair of dress shoes will last you years and stay good-looking with nothing more than some light cleaning and the occasional shine. That means raiding your wardrobe and getting rid of the majority of your ultra-casual clothes: T-shirts, cargo pants, jean shorts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, baseball hats, and athletics. Save a few for yardwork and exercise — but donate the rest of it to charity and start replacing it with dressier clothes that speak to your maturity.
Distressed or bleached jeans are a great example; several different designer labels briefly managed to sell the image on the public, and then the fad changed and left a lot of people with very expensive jeans too beat-up to wear in public. That means using good hangers for your suits, shoe trees for your shoes, and a little tender loving care with the washing machine. Some of your clothes can come from thrift shops, if you’re lucky enough to have a reasonably common body type and some well-to-do neighborhoods nearby. A few adjustments from a tailor can turn a five dollar thrift-store suit into your dress wardrobe staple. A few department stores still offer the service, but you’ll more than likely need to find a tailor independently. Much of this lies in the fact both of these colors make up approximately 90% of the dress shirts sold worldwide and that either color looks good on most complexions and body types.

Being so popular, these shirt fabrics are also available in a wide range of style and sizes anywhere int he world, making acquisition at a value price likely for the man on the lookout for sales and discounts. Patterns can liven up the basic white and blue color palette, and there’s nothing wrong with branching out into some other colors as your personal style evolves. As long as you have one clean and hanging up in the closet, you’ll never be completely out of decent-looking things to wear. You can wear them with a fitted T-shirt for a relaxed, casual look or dress them up with a buttoned shirt and a sport coat for a business-casual style. Well cut and classically styled trousers will make you look a little sharper at social occasions than jeans. You can also get wool or cotton trousers much lighter than blue jeans, which is a blessing in any kind of warm weather. But wearing T-shirts to social events or to work is a no-no, especially when the shirt is too big and made from a shoddy fabric advertising the company who gave it to you a decade ago. A good polo in a simple, dark color is always presentable and always flattering if it’s fitted well.
You can also opt for buttoned short-sleeved shirts in the summer, ranging from Carhartt work shirts to seersucker dress shirts. Style is great because you can look at your grandfather and you can see what worked for him. But then, there are, you know, garments which are a mixture and you’ve got to be very careful.
Learn the secrets of style in a structured environment leveraging my proven step-by-step master programs. Automatic Teller Machines (ATM's) are computerized devices that allow banking and other financial transactions to be performed without the assistance of bank tellers. To make transactions using an ATM, the customer is issued an ATM card with a magnetic strip containing the customers personal identifying number (PIN). Today, more than 70% of banking customers use either ATM, credit, or other visa or debit cards and this number is growing.
ATM's can be bought or leased as business ventures by individuals and companies and placed at certain locations where there is a need to supply customers with cash. Many bank ATM's are stocked, managed, and owned by companies that are not related to the banks or other businesses where the machines are located. Operators of ATM's have a vested interest in keeping their customers happy because ATM customer expects to have easy access to cash at these locations. Well they have this program out there, FPU Jr., to help kids (as early as 3) learn the importance of giving, saving and spending. I’m really excited to teach our little guy about money principles that I wish I had learned as a kid though.
A good tailor can make the small changes that take your suit from looking mediocre to perfect for you. If you do wear a T-shirt, make sure it’s new, clean, close-fitted and in a solid, dark color.
Charcoal gray is probably going to be the safest fabric for you-a solid charcoal gray suit. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel right above here.

ATM's can be used for depositing money into an account, making withdrawals, and for accessing checking account balance information.
The customer is then identified after inserting the card into the ATM and typing in his personal identification number. They are found inside and outside of banks, airports, nightclubs, casinos, malls, gas stations, stores and super markets. Well…I was all about getting this for String Bean and Biscuit and I let my mom know (who was the reason we all got hooked on FPU!). If so, leave a comment in the comment box below and help strengthen the community of sharply-dressed men! Every man, whether he be a mechanic, whether he be a janitor, whether he be a banker, he needs to have one complete, great-looking suit that fits in properly.
After you have those five basic shirts, then you can expand off into other colors and try to experiment. If you want to learn more, check out the article and check out our website, Real Me Real Style. Many banks offer drive through ATM service as well as walk up ATM's on the bank's outside.
And unless you have someone there with experience, be very careful about washing your higher-end garments. Not too dark of a blue because that makes it a bit casual to two light blues, three whites-make sure they fit your properly. There’s a lot of great information out there for young men, for older men, for medium-age men. You know, your best bet is going to try to keep everything you own cotton up until your dress clothing. And what you’re looking for here is something that you could wear with one of the shirts. But, no matter how many pairs of dark jeans you have, you need to have something else besides jeans, you know, when it comes to trousers or pants. Take out some sport, you know, some dress shirts or there are some work shirts or sports shirts, something with a collar.
And you don’t want to spend that time, you know, when all your buddies are out having a great time at thea€¦at the bachelor party. Make sure they fit you in the collar, they fit you in the cuffs, have them darted in the body to remove some of that fabric.
And the great thing is that those shirts will be interchangeable with that charcoal gray suit. I mean, even these female style icons or, you know, divas, they can barely stay on top of this stuff.
Men understand that people are making first impressions every time they meet and that they need to present themselves professionally.

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