Trump told the Washington Post in an interview published Tuesday that Cruz's Canadian birthplace and his holding a double passport was a "very precarious" issue that "a lot of people are talking about." Trump has ramped up his attacks on Cruz since the Texas senator sprinted ahead of the billionaire businessman in some opinion surveys in early-voting Iowa. Cruz, in response to questions about Trump's comments, said the best way to respond was to laugh it off and "move on to the issues that matter." He first reacted on Twitter, posting a link to a video from the 1970s television show "Happy Days" showing the character Fonzie water skiing over a shark.
Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, in 1970 while his parents were working in the oil business there. Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014, amid speculation he was preparing for a presidential run, less than a year after he his birth certificate.
Trump was one of the loudest voices questioning whether President Obama was born in Kenya and thus not eligible to be U.S. Previous foreign-born Americans a€” notably Republicans John McCain and George Romney a€” have run for president with some mention, but no serious challenges, of their eligibility. The comments mark a reversal for Trump, who in September downplayed Cruz's birthplace in an interview with ABC.
Trump first unleashed a verbal assault on Cruz in December at an event in Des Moines where he questioned Cruz's evangelical faith.
Trump didn't mention the issue or Cruz by name at a rally in Claremont, New Hampshire on Tuesday evening, but did accuse him of stealing his plan to build a wall along the U.S.
Miss Puerto Rico has been suspended indefinitely for posting a series of anti-Muslim messages on Twitter. Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez has been suspended indefinitely from her pageant duties following an anti-Muslim Twitter rant. Miss Puerto Rico Velez’s comments started as a response to a photo and hashtag filmmaker Michael Moore posted on Twitter.
According to the Latin Times, which recorded Miss Puerto Rico Velez’s tweets before her account was deleted, she tweeted several messages to Moore and others. Over time our children cannot help but realize that illness exists in the world and that no one is immune to it. How do we talk to our children about these kinds of things in a way that they can understand and learn from them?

Illness as a result of sin – This is a common explanation we like to use in order to explain illness and sufferings of the like. Bitter or Better  – One of my favorite explanations of why we are faced with obstacles, illness, and other sufferings is because they provide us the opportunity to make us bitter or better. Christ and Suffering – Suffering provides a beautiful opportunity to grow closer to God through accepting our humility and fragility while simultaneously finding strength in God who is all-powerful. What do you think about these different ways that we can talk to our children about illness and suffering?  Have you had these kinds of discussions with your kids before, and if so, how did they respond? Your inference about Catholics being the last to stop suffering is without basis or merit or proof.
The moment, known as "jumping the shark," has come to refer to the use of a gimmick to halt the decline of a television show or other effort.
His mother, Eleanor, is from Delaware, while his father, Rafael, is a Cuban who became a U.S.
The Huffington Post reports Puerto Rico’s official Miss America organization released a statement on Saturday in response to the firestorm of controversy her online remarks touched off. Moore posted a photo of himself next to Trump Tower hashtagged #weareallmuslim and encouraged others to post similar images with the same sign.
Besides the work we do - which includes scoops, exposing the haters and posting original and entertaining content - this blog takes up not just a lot of time but also money.
Bernadette struggled, not unlike many other popular saints, with sickness and illness throughout her life.
Bernadette’s feast day to focus on how to talk to our children about sickness and suffering. They will come to realize that sickness is simply “not fair” and that it has the potential to take someone’s life, even someone close to them. I believe that focusing on the fact that we live in a fallen, imperfect world is decent way to begin talking about why suffering and illness exist in the world.
This is understandably hard for most children to understand, but I would point them to the example of Blessed Chiara.

To intentionally create suffering in this one life we have is an act of evil beyond description. In her hospices she did little or nothing to relieve the suffering of patients who languished on thin mats instead of beds, were not given drugs or treatment to ease pain and if they became seriously ill they were allowed to die rather than given hospital treatment.
Self denial and suffering are held as necessary to building discipline and enhancing spiritual connectedness is what I was taught in school.
Yes but unfortunately it doesn't make up for the enormous amount of human suffering and misery it has inflicted throughout history.
Legal scholars, however, generally agree the description covers foreign-born children of U.S.
Saint Bernadette is mainly remembered for her experience of meeting the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France, when she was only a girl, and her many subsequent visions of Our Lady thereafter.
Blessed Chiara was born in 1971 and was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, a painful bone cancer, at the young age of 16.
Any time a belief system holds a special reverence for suffering you can bet that followers of said belief will be the last to try to stop suffering and just maybe—-the first to cause it.
And during the dark ages the Catholic church invented and practiced gut churning methods of inflicting pain and torture that surpassed any ever conceived. For example, someone who suffers from paralysis may either be bitter about not being able to use the entirety of their body, or they might become better from it and go onto do amazing things which inspire and challenge us.
I think that this point is likely harder for most children to understand than the prior one, but it is far more fruitful to the child.

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